Network marketing success in 20 minutes a day


Success in network marketing


success in network marketing


I was contacted by a fellow distributor, last night. This is his first time in network marketing. He had talked to one of the gurus in his company and he wanted to tell me all about it. It was typical rah-rah guru stuff. I was told that the guru had given him a list of company videos to watch. Then he says, “He gave me his script!”


Like I said, it was typical guru stuff. He read it to me. Yeah, typical. It was right from the book. The FORM method. It was a bit heavy on the occupation part of FORM. He said that he had put his own little spin on it and he was convinced that he had the keys to the kingdom. Maybe he does.


Seeing that this is his first venture into network marketing, he had never heard any of this stuff before. It all seemed so great. Needless to say, he’s pretty excited about this new knowledge.


I hope that it gives him the confidence to go out and talk to people about his products and his opportunity! I would say that confidence building is the main point of having a script. At least you think that you have something to talk about when you first introduce yourself to someone new. It will give him a framework to work within.


After all, network marketing is all about the number of people that you are willing to share your network marketing business with, right? If having a script allows you to talk to more people, then I’m all for it!


That’s not the end of the story.


this is not the end of our network marketing story



I suggested to him that going through an entire script would take a fair amount of time. You have to get know the person. You would be building a relationship. Maybe you get to talk to them about your business during that first conversation, but more than likely not. If you don’t get to talk to them, then you would need to set up a follow up meeting. You might get a phone number or email address, but that may be all you get. That’s a lot to do, at the end of a conversation.


If you don’t get to set a real follow up meeting, you may be out of luck. That’s the downside of “cold contacting” people.


I asked him if the contact walked away, without a definite follow up meeting set up, what would he do? He said that he’d have to make another contact. I said that it was too bad to have put in all that effort in getting to know someone only to have them walk away and leave him with nothing.


I suggested that he might want to learn how to give a full presentation, in 1 minute. He was all ears. His prospects are going to ask him “what is it?” so why not just tell them before they walk away. If they have an interest in it they will set up a follow up meeting. If not, then it won’t really matter that they walked away.


I told him to work up a short “speech” about his business opportunity and that it should tell the prospect the name of his company, the type of products that they sell, how much money that the prospect can make in a month and how much work is required to earn that much money.


you can make money in network marketing


A prospect should be able to make up their minds as to whether they have any interest in something like that or not.


It might sound something like this:


“I work with the XYZ Company and we sell weight loss shakes. You can make an extra $600.00 per month, working part time. You would just need to find 12 customers to do this. Do you know 12 people who need to lose weight?”


I hope you noticed the closing question. They now have to answer that question, at least to themselves. By answering that question, they may convince themselves that they can really do your business. Then you are more than half way to a new distributor.


No matter what they say, you can give them a business card and tell them to think about it. You should do your best to get their contact information and follow up with them.


That all sounds great, doesn’t it? I know you have to be wondering why I titled this article, “Network marketing success in 20 minutes per day.”


you have to be wondering


My thought is this, how many people could you say those 4 lines to, every day? It only takes about 15 seconds to say them. You could use 1 minute and 45 seconds to build a little rapport with someone and then say your 4 lines. Who cares what they say? After all, you don’t have much invested in this. They might think that you are a little weird, but this kind of strategy might work. You can take 20 minutes a day to walk around your local mall and talk to people. That would be 10 people per day, to be exact.


Most people will think you’re a bit crazy, but who cares. You might find a few people each week that will want to hear more about what you have to offer. Then it becomes a numbers game.


Is this something that everyone could do? It depends on how badly they want to build a business!


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