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Are you going to be a network marketing success or just a statistic?


network marketng success or stat


Doing the minimum. What is that? For most network marketers, doing the minimum means doing nothing. Yes, it’s sad, but true. Most people invest their money, in to a network marketing business and do absolutely nothing with it.


If you want to have a chance at being successful, you’ll need to do more than that! I’m here to ask you to do the minimum amount of activity that can propel you to success.


Okay, what do I have to do?


There are 4 things that I’d like you to do and to do them every single day. That’s doing them 7 days a week. I know, you want to have your weekends off, right? Well, too bad. If you want success in this business, you’re going to need to make sacrifices.


The first thing that I want you to do is to use your company’s products or services. This is much easier to do, if your company only has a few products or services. If your company has hundreds or thousands of products then I would suggest that you pick several that you like or think that you might like and use those every day. Find the ones that you are the most passionate about and use the every day. You should be developing your own product story about the products that you like most. In short, your product story will be what you tell your prospects about the benefits that you’ve received from the products and why you like them so much.


The next thing that I would like you to do is to share your products with 1 person each day. That doesn’t seem like very much activity, does it? I do ask that you find out if your prospects are truly interested in getting the same benefits that you’re getting. If they are, you just need to share your story about your products.


The third thing that I’d like you to do is to share your business opportunity with 1 person each day. You need to find someone who will sit down long enough to watch the entire business presentation. As you recruit people into your business, you’ll be able to develop a “business story.” Your business story will be something like, “I joined this business because I needed to buy a new car and now I make enough money to make the monthly payments.”


read more books


The 4th and last thing that I’m going to ask you to do is to start a self development program. You can read books, watch videos, listen to CDs or any other way you can think of to learn about making improvements to yourself, your attitude, your knowledge and skills or to your communication skills. Please spend 15 to 20 minutes each day doing this.


Why am I asking you to do so little?


Most sponsors will tell you to “take massive action,” when you join a network marketing business. I think that it’s unrealistic to think that the average, new distributor will do that. I think that it puts a lot of pressure and a lot of unwarranted expectations on them too.


I think that the will be more people who are willing to do the minimum amount of work that could get them to a successful level in their business.


One last thing. I’d like you to do all of these things for at least 1 year before you decide to quit. As you do these things, you’ll learn how to do them better and you’ll experience an increase in the number of customers that you’ll get and also an increase in the number of people that you can recruit. Practice does make improvements!


As your success percentages increase, you’ll also find that you’ll want to increase your activity. Most distributors should start with the minimum and work their way up from there.


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