How do I get my network marketing team to take massive action?


Success in network marketing


success in network marketing


I had someone, in my downline, call me and ask me that question. It’s great question that almost everyone wants to know the answer to. I gave them the best I had, but I’m not sure that they appreciated it.


In network marketing, you can’t make anyone do anything! If you try to make them do the work, you’ll probably find that they’ll just quit the business.


I said that there was a better question to ask, “How do I get my team to take any action?”


One of the many problems that network marketing has is that it’s not a job. A sponsor isn’t anyone’s boss. If you have a distributor in your downline and they aren’t doing anything with the business, it’s not as though you can reprimand them. You can’t “write them up” for not performing. You can’t fire them. If someone wants to sign up, get their distributor kit and then do absolutely nothing other than take up space, that’s their prerogative. They can stay “on the books” for however long your company will allow them to and there’s not a thing that you can do.


Yes, they paid their money. Yes, they told you that they wanted untold riches and were willing to do whatever it takes to get them. In the end, it’s up to them. Bummer!


I told them that massive action doesn’t usually happen in network marketing. Maybe a few people will take massive action, but that’s not likely, most of the time.


Most people, who join a network marketing company, have never been in a business before. They really have no idea what they are in for. They have no idea what to do or what needs to be done in order to get rich in this business. As it turns out, their eyes were much bigger than their knowledge.


They want it, but they don’t know how to get it!


massive action in network marketing


When someone first joins, this is the time for the sponsor to work very closely with them. I feel that every sponsor has an obligation to get the new distributor off to a good start. Even the best sponsor can’t make everyone successful, nor should they try. It’s not the sponsor’s responsibility to get everyone to the top levels of the business.


It’s their job to make sure that the newbie knows what to do in order to get a good start building their business. After the new person is taught what to do, it’s up to them to do it.


Who should I be working with?


A sponsor should give their recruits assignments to do. Yes, it will be just like homework. The new person should be given instructions on how to complete the task and then told to contact you when they are done. The sponsor can go over the results and make sure that the assignment was completed, properly. Then and only then should the sponsor give them a new assignment.


You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Work with the willing,” over and over in network marketing. This is how you determine who is willing to do the work and who you should be working with.


If anyone doesn’t complete a task, it means that they may be done with the business. I believe that you should check in with those people. There may be things going on that you are unaware of that is keeping them from doing what you asked them to do.


They have as long as they need to complete each assignment and you should let them know that when they are finished that you’ll be waiting to give them their next assignment.


I would say that less than 1% of distributors will “take massive action.” If you have someone who is taking massive action, try to stay out of their way. Be available to support them, if they ask, but only if they ask for your help!


Don’t worry about massive action, just encourage your distributors to take some action, every day!


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