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One of the most often heard objections, to joining a network marketing business is, “I don’t have the money!” What would happen if you were to say, “Would you like to take a free test drive? Just to see if you like it or not.” Would that make things easier for you?


It seems that most people who enter network marketing do so to make extra money. Some are in great need of that money. They are willing to take a $300.00 chance that the network marketing business is as easy as their would-be-sponsor says it is. It’s not as easy as they say it is and most of those people are the current crop of detractors.


There are people who joined even though they don’t really have to money to join. They used a credit card or their last $300.00, cash, to join. For them, failure can be catastrophic.


What if we removed that financial barrier and allowed people to “try” network marketing?


The prospect wouldn’t have to put up any money. They aren’t really a distributor, but you should treat them like they were. You could train them. You could get them to write down their goals and dreams. You could help them make a complete list of their hot, warm and cool markets. Then you could help them talk to the people on their list.


Keep in mind that you will be working closely with these people. Your goal is to recruit that first person or make a product sale. As soon as this happens, the prospect will have to make a decision. Do they want that recruit or that sale to be under them or would they prefer to continue the test drive and let you have the sale or recruit?


If your prospect wants the money, then you can sign up your prospect. If they still need more time to “try” it, then you get the sale or recruit.


is success in network marketing possible


If someone in your prospect’s warm market says that they don’t have the money, you could even tell their friends, relatives, and neighbors that they can take a test drive, too.


You might be thinking that you’d be wasting your time to do this. There’s a lot of upside to this strategy. Even if you manage to talk someone into joining your business, odds are that they’ll never do anything with it. If you sponsor someone you should always get access to their warm market!


Having someone take a test drive, in your business, gives you the opportunity to get to their warm market. This is the networking part of the business. The more people that you can get to talk to, the more likely you are to succeed! Having people taking a test drive gives you access to hundreds or even thousands of people that you would’ve never had access to.


Once a prospect makes a sale or recruits someone they are much more likely to stay in the business. They get to see that the business can work for them. If you can get them into profit, you should be able to keep them around long enough to become successful.


Actually, offering a test drive answers every objection that anyone could come up with to not join your business. No matter what excuse they come up with you just answer them by saying, “You can take a test drive to find out if that’s a real reason not to join. You have nothing to lose!”


What can they say to that? There’s no risk in it at all.



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