The object of network marketing is …


To get your prospects to see your business presentation


watching your network marketing presentation


Hopefully, we can all agree that the main job of a network marketer is to get someone in front of their business presentation. Your prospects shouldn’t be allowed to make a decision without getting all the information. How and where they see your company’s presentation is up to you. You may decide to use a white board and draw circles on it while explaining how it works. Your company may put on a webinar that you can invite people to it. Your upline may be holding a hotel meeting in your area and you can invite people to that. There may be a sizzle call available or an online video that you can direct people to watch.


Any of these will work. You just need to figure out which you think is best. Personally, I prefer to recommend an online video or a DVD that you give to your prospects. This way you know that they will see a “perfect” presentation. I think that this is the best way for them to see the presentation. There won’t be a speaker who might make a mistake and you don’t have to memorize any of the presentation. It’s easier to do it this way.


If your prospects see that you’re just handing out a DVD they’ll think that they’d have no problem doing the same thing. If you are doing the presentation yourself, then they’ll think that they have to do the same thing. That may scare some of them away.


The first thing that you need to, when you give them the video is to ask when they can watch it. No matter what they say, you need to tell them that you’ll be following up right after that. They may say that they’ll watch it the next evening at 7:00 pm. You need to tell them that you’ll call them at 7:30 pm. That will reinforce that they need to watch it when they say they’ll watch it.


If you give them a video to watch, then there are 3 things that could happen.


They might not watch it.


They may watch and decide that they don’t like what they saw.


They could watch it and love what they see.


No matter which category they fall into, it’s up to you to follow up with them. Don’t wait for someone to call you back because they’ll never call you back.


follow up with your network marketing prospects


It’s now 7:30 pm the next evening and you call them back. You ask what they liked about they video and they tell you that they didn’t watch it yet. This will happen a lot more than you’d like. They’ll be expecting you to get mad at them for not doing what they said they’d do, but you don’t want to do that. You need to be understanding. Sometimes people forget or life gets in the way. Just say that it’s okay and again ask them when they could watch it. They’ll give you a day and time and you’ll need to call them back right after they’ve watched the video. If they still haven’t watched it, you’ll need to let them know that you’re too busy to be chasing them around. Ask them to watch the video, when they can and you’ll try to give them a call back in a few weeks. That lets them know that you’re in charge and they have to decide to watch it if they want your time.


If you call them at 7:30 pm the next evening and they watched the video, but they didn’t like what they saw, you’ll need to get more information from them. You should ask them what they saw in the video that they did like and then follow that up with the question, “What would need to change in order for you to like the program?” Maybe they’ll tell you that they don’t know enough people to make it work or that they can’t sell the products. You can work with those kinds of objections. You can offer them the solutions like, “What if I could show you a way to meet new people every day and have them to talk to about the business, would that work for you?” Or maybe you could say, “If I show you how to use your current network of friends to find people who would like to buy these types of products, would that work for you?” Just offer them a solution to whatever objection that they have.


It’s now 7:30 pm the next evening and you call your prospect back and they not only watched the video, but they loved what they saw. This is what we’re looking for, right? You don’t want to talk too much, in this case. You’ll probably end up talking them out of wanting to run their own business if you talk too much. Just ask one question. “Do you have any questions before we get you started tonight?” Just wait for their answer. They may have questions that they need to have answered, but as long as you don’t talk them out of doing the business, you should have yourself a new distributor.


The object of network marketing is to get your prospects to make a decision after they see your entire business presentation. You will work with those that want to run their own business.



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