Overcoming the fear of rejection in network marketing


It’s the biggest fear in network marketing


fears in network marketing


One of the biggest killers of a network marketer’s business is fear. There are lots of fears that people have. Some of the fears that can be experienced are fear of failure, fear of success and of course the fear of rejection.


When you are born, you have a fear of two things. They are fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. All of your other fears you’ve learned over the course of your life. I’m not trying to convince you that your fears are illegitimate. I’m just here to tell you that you’ve had to learn your fears through your life’s experiences. In my opinion, they are very real!


I’m here, today, to offer you a solution to the fear of rejection and it might just help you overcome the other fears that you might have that are holding you back from success, in your network marketing business.


Preseason football


You’re probably wondering what preseason football has to do with building a network marketing business or overcoming the fear of rejection. Have you ever watched a preseason football game? For the most part, the stink. It’s a sloppy mess of a game. Unfortunately, some of the new players just don’t have the skills to compete at that level. They’ll go to practice, every day and hopefully, they will increase their skills enough to make the team.


In the first preseason game, the team puts in their rookie draft picks and lets them play. They need to evaluate them and see if they will fit into what the team has in mind for their game plan. They want to know if they can play football, at the level of the NFL or not. Most of them won’t be good enough and they’ll get cut from the team somewhere during the preseason.


The second preseason game is like the first, but the players who will be the starters for the season get a little bit of playing time. They’ll try to mix in some of the better rookies and see how well they do. After the game, some of the rookies get cut from the team.


In the third preseason game, the starters will play half the game … I could go on, but football isn’t the point.


conquer your fears


Anyway, the point of this is that the teams are willing to play guys who aren’t going to make the team because they know that the preseason games don’t count toward the regular season standings. It doesn’t matter what happens in these game. They could win or lose and no one really cares.


What about having a preseason for network marketing?


If you’d like to get over your fear of rejection, why not make a list of people that you’ll talk to about your business and whatever happens it just doesn’t matter. It’s just the preseason. You can try out different sequences of words and try to figure out what you feel comfortable with and what works for you. Once you’ve talked to a few people, you re-evaluate what you did and change things as you need to.


Preseason is just a time to evaluate your strategies. It’s a time to see what works and what needs to be replaced. It’s a learning experience and needs to be looked at that way. Just like a preseason football game, everyone expects to not play at a level of a mid-season football team. A preseason football is going to look pretty bad for the first couple of games and you should expect that, as well. Just like a football team, you’ll cut things that don’t fit into your long term vision of how you want your business to look like and you’ll develop better skills too.


You’ll probably mess things up along the way, but you just learn from the mistakes and laugh it off. There’s nothing to fear because it’s just the preseason and it doesn’t count. If you happen to get a customer or sign up a distributor then that’s just gravy!


Once you’ve talked to 20 or 30 people you should’ve gained more confidence in yourself and your skills. This practice doesn’t mean that you won’t have people tell you, “No,” but hopefully it will ease the pain of it. Being told “No,” is just part of it and it’s a fairly large part of it, especially in the beginning.


I hope that you’ll try this attitude change! It could help you to overcome your fear of rejection.



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