Overcoming Objections to Joining Your MLM



Overcoming Objections



overcoming objections

Once you get started in recruiting, you will find out how many people can’t do much of anything.  These will be their list of objections that they’ll have to joining your business.

First things first.  Nothing will stop you dead in your tracks like a good solid “NO!”  The first one you hear will sting like a bee.

My advice is to never get overly invested in any outcome, in your business.  What does that mean?  When someone says, “No” to you, and they will, whether you are trying to recruit them or sell a product to them. It should never be a “make or break” outcome.  The outcome of any situation should have very little baring in you and your mindset. No one person should determine your success or failure in your business. Except you!

Let the “No,” roll off your back and move on.  There are way too many people out there, looking for you, your business and your product.  You have what most people want. The opportunity to have more time and more money! You just need to move on.


Overcoming objections should be easy


You need to practice all of your answers before you ever talk to someone.  Overcoming objections should be second nature, to you.


Overcoming objections


Second things second.  All objections are excuses.  Most of them really boil down to the prospect thinking that they will not be successful in your business.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the only real objection to being in business is if they don’t want to be in their own business.  They just don’t want to do it.  They don’t want to do the work that it will take to build a business of their own.  You can not overcome that objection. Lack of desire is a deal breaker!

The best strategy for overcoming objections is to take them away from your prospect before the raise them.

By saying, right up front, that you know what they must be thinking.  “You must be thinking that … I can’t afford it … I don’t have time to do this …etc.”

You can bring up their objections before they do and this has a very disarming quality. The will be agreeing with you and not voicing their objections.

The prospect will think that you understand them and want to help them.  You are basically taking the objections away from them.  This is the ultimate in overcoming objections!

In case someone beats you to the punch and raises an objection, here are some typical responses that you can use in overcoming their objections.

Objection:  “I don’t have the time.”

Response:  “That’s why you need this.  If you continue on the path that you are on will you ever have the time to do anything that you want to do in the future?” Or you can tell them that you had very little time, in the beginning, and that you were able to feel some time to work on your business by eliminating some of television programs you were watching.

Objection:  “I’m not sure I can afford it or I don’t have the money.”
overcoming objections - no money

Response:  “How long have you been working?  (wait for an answer) And you haven’t been able to save up $300.00 (or whatever your company asks you to invest in your business)?  If you continue to work where you are working for another (however long they have worked there) will you be able to save up $300.00?  This response is devastating.  If you can’t get them in after that exchange … well …

(editors note: I actually do not like that response anymore. These have been very tough economic times and there may be people out there who really don’t have the cash to invest in a business of their own. This kind of a response may be seen as combative and insulting.)

If someone really wants to get involve in your business, they should be able to raise the money by selling stuff that they are not using. Most people have closets full of unused “stuff.” Or look in a garage and you should be able to find a lot of “sellable” stuff in there. You can offer to help put on a garage sale with them.

Objection:  How long have you been doing this?

Response: (I really don’t consider this an objection, but you will be asked this, a lot) Just tell the truth.  I’ve been involved for 1 year or however long you have been involved.

Objection: I don’t like to sell or I don’t know how to sell.

Response:  This is actually one of the better objections.  We are, after all, in the sales business.  This is where you need to read my post about how best to use your warm market.  To sum it up, and this is how you will answer this objection, we teach to ask your family and friends for their support of your new business.  Your family and friends are the people who love you the most or owe you the most and you should be able to convince them to buy something from you. Even if it is only 1 product per month.

Objection:  “How much money are you making?”

Response:  (this is my favorite objection/question) My income is directly related to how well you do.  If I don’t help you to be successful, I won’t be successful either.  This is why you can count on my help and training.  I not only want you to be successful, I need you to be successful.

This is where you can give them an overview of your sales and marketing plan.  Tell them that you have a step by step plan of action to help them to achieve success.

overcoming objections ... "i can't sell"

Once you do this your prospect will see you as a leader, someone who will get them to where they want go!  You’re golden!

Overcoming objections is not as difficult as it seems.

You need to practice and be prepared!  If someone raises an objection that you don’t have answer for, just tell them that you understand how they feel.  Tell them that you can ask your up line about the objection and that you will get back to them, with an answer.

I hope this helps you in overcoming objections.  You will hear all sorts of excuses, but this should prepare you for some of the ones most often heard.


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