So many people fail in network marketing


Why?failure in network marketing

I wrote an ebook, several years ago, that explored the subject of why so many people fail in network marketing. I came up with several dozen reasons why people fail in network marketing. I came to the conclusion that people fail because they aren’t making any money. If a distributor isn’t making money, they can’t stay in business for long. The problem is really that most network marketers are actually losing money. There’s only so long that you can stay in business when you lose money every month. How long do they last? It depends on how much money that they have and how much of it they’re willing to lose. If someone is broke when they join and they lose money their first month, they’re probably going to quit after 30 days or probably less.


I believe that most people who join network marketing don’t have a lot of money to throw at the business. I’m not sure that it’s “the lottery” mentality that gets them to quit. I think that they’ve been told that it’s easy to make money in this business and it’s not. They’re willing to use their last $300.00 or use a credit card to get into the business. They do this because their friend or relative told them that it was going to be easy and when they find out that it’s not they have no choice but to quit.


This is the worst and most heinous lie in network marketing! No one should ever be told that network marketing is easy. It’s not!


I heard one of the gurus saying that they thought that lack of commitment was the reason that most people failed in network marketing.


On the surface, that sounds like a real reason, right? That could be it or at least a part of the reason. I walked away from the guru’s video thinking that if only more people made a commitment to their own success and to their business.


network marketing isnt easy


I thought about it for a while and I started to feel like, “There you go again,” blaming the new distributor. I agree that ultimately it’s up to each individual to take responsibility for what happens in their business, but sponsors and other upline bear some responsibility as well!


Most people come to network marketing with little to no experience and usually have no idea of what to do. I believe that the distributor’s upline should help them to get started on the path to learning what to do. Then they need to get some practice using the verbiage that best suits the new distributor. After that, they need to go out into the real world and figure out what works for them.


Once the new distributor knows what they are going to say to a prospect, then it comes down to making a commitment.


If they have something that works, for them, then it’s just a matter of time and putting enough people through their “system” before they will find success.


Unfortunately, most people never get that far. No one teaches them what to or what to say and they never make any money. We all know what happens to people who are losing money every month!


If you have a sales process that works for you, then you’re obligated to teach that to all of your personal recruits and the rest of your downline. If you don’t have a sales process, then you need to get one! Find someone in your upline or go outside of your company and find someone who can teach you what to do and what to say at teach stage of the process then you need to practice it enough and use it enough so that you can teach it.


Yes, a lot of people fail in network marketing, but I don’t think that it’s necessary that they do. They just some help and guidance!



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