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In my last post I described a method of prospecting someone without them even noticing that they are actually being prospected. The post is here and it is called, Stealth prospecting.


how to prospect when meeting new people


In the post I gave you some new verbiage that you can use to prospect new people. The object is to stir up interest in your business by “baiting” that new person. I put the quote marks around baiting because we are just using our words as bait. I referred to it as “chumming.” There will be a sea of words with a few choice words, in there, that act like bait to see if they have any interest in what we are doing.


If they are interested then we set the hook and reel them in.


Well, we get them in front of our business presentation.


Prospecting is like fishing


The article called Stealth prospecting ends with a sample of a successful conversation. It should sound something like this.



You say, “Hi, how ya doin’?”

They answer, “Good and how are you?”

You respond, “ Well, I’m doing great ever since I found a way to make some extra money by working at home. What’s new with you?”

They say, “Really? How are you doing that?”


They have given you permission to tell them more about what you are doing. This is where I’ll pick back up with Permission prospecting.


They had a way out of the conversation but, they told us that it is okay to tell them more about what we are doing.


The natural response, for most people, is to verbally vomit all over the prospect. They do this by telling the prospect all about the business, the compensation plan and just about anything else that comes to mind. Avoid doing this at all costs!


There may be a quicker way to convince someone that they don’t want to be in business with you but, I don’t know of any.


We want to feed them little pieces of what we do, not all of it all at once. We also want to give them a way out of the conversation, if they find that they are uncomfortable. We don’t want to alienate them. We don’t want to burn the bridges that we are building.


Even if they cut off the conversation, the door is still open to us in the future.


the door is still open


The above conversation could continue this way:


They say, “Really? How are you doing that?”


You tell them, “I started working with a company called, _____. What we do is _____, ______, and _____. But what really has me excited with this is that there is a way to generate extra income working from home. But that’s enough about me. Tell me more about what you’ve been up to”


Obviously, you fill in the first blank with the name of the company that you are involved with. You want to fill in the next blanks with the main benefits that someone would get from using your products or services.


You may be working with a product based company. It could be a health company. The benefits might be that using our products will make you look younger, feel better and have more energy.


The first 2 lines might go something like this.


I started working with a company called, XYZ Health. What we do is help people look younger, feel better and have more energy.”


At the end of your part of the conversation, you have given them a way out. If they take the exit, then fine. They could ask you to tell them even more.


They could ask, “Can you tell me more about what you doing?”


Of course, you’re all too happy to share more information! But not too much.


You say, “It would take me about 30 minutes to tell you the full story but briefly, I share the company’s nutrition products and as a result of doing this I’m able to generate a nice sized recurring monthly income.”


They might say, “That sounds interesting.”


You reply, “Well then, may I make a suggestion?”


They say, “Sure.”


You say, “Why don’t we set up a time that we can get together and I can show you exactly what we do. If you like what you see, we can discuss possible next steps for you. If not, then no hard feelings. Is that fair enough?”


There are very few people who wouldn’t think that was a fair offer. This is the point that you will set up the appointment. The usual offer of one afternoon or the next evening will work. Whatever works best for both of you. You could take them to a hotel meeting or a home meeting. Maybe even meet them at Starbucks for coffee and go through a flip chart with them.


prospecting over coffee


Keep in mind that how ever you show them the business presentation is how they will think that they will be doing it as well. This is the time to keep it simple!


That should give you a good idea on what kind of script that you can use when meeting and greeting people. The object is to make it as nonthreatening as possible. Never let the conversation sound “salesy.” If your prospect thinks that your are there to sell them something they will shut down. Always provide a way out of the conversation, for your prospect. This is the time when less is more!


prospecting doesn't have to be like pulling teeth


It should be almost like pulling teeth for them to get the information out of you. Well, maybe not that difficult.


This process is designed to be a pain free way of conducting your prospecting. It is easy to duplicate.


Remember that it is not your job to sell anything to anyone, while you are prospecting them. Your job is to find out if they have an interest in what you have to offer and then to gently move them along until they ask to see the business presentation and compensation plan. They will ask this by asking for more information about what you are doing.


It’s the job of the business presentation and comp plan to “sell” them on joining the company!


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