What’s your problem, dude?


Have I got a solution for you!


do you have a problem


If you want to sell your network marketing products or the business opportunity, you’ll need to find people who need those things.


You probably have heard that people don’t buy products, they buy a solution to a problem that they have. Someone who buys a drill, may not have wanted a drill, but they needed a hole in something. The problem was that they needed a hole and the solution was to buy a drill. The person who sold them the drill would have no problem in selling them that drill.


The problem and solution thing applies to all businesses and their products or services.


Now that you know that piece of information you can go out and find people with problems and offer them a solution. It’s not difficult to find someone with a problem. It may be a little harder to get them to tell you about it.


Although, most people won’t miss the opportunity to voice their unhappiness and the problems that they are having. You can try to steer the conversation toward that subject. You can be blunt and just ask, “What’s your biggest problem, these days?”


I’d like to share a strategy that I learned from Tom Schreiter.


He teaches that when someone shares a problem with you that you believe that you can solve with your company’s products, service or business opportunity, then you should ask them this question.


Would you like to do something about that?”


I have a solution to your problem


There’s only 3 responses that you could get.


The first response would for them to say, “Yes, I’d like to do something about this problem?”


These are the people who will sit and listen to your business presentation or watch a product demonstration with no pressure from you. They’ve raised their hands as someone who may want what you have to offer. These are the very best people to work with.


The second response would be for them to say, “No, I don’t won’t to do something about it.”


There will be very few people who would say that they don’t want a solution to their problem. I would think that there would be a few people who just aren’t in a position to solve it. It would be more of a “I can’t do anything about it, now.” Some solutions might cause bigger problems.


The third response isn’t a real response. It’s a list of all the excuses and complaints associated with their problem. These are people who probably very comfortable with their problems. They will probably hold on to their problems as a security blanket or to have a built in excuse for why they can’t do anything.


The last two types of people are the type who you really shouldn’t be talking to. You won’t enjoy having them as business partners.


Use the, “Do you want to do something about it,” strategy if you want to be able to do hassle free presentations and demonstrations! Your prospects will be willing to sit down and listen to everything you have to say, if they believe that you will be able to help them solve their problems.



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