When your prospect said, “I don’t have money,” how did you reply?

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I don't have the money


I’m part of a network marketing discussion group on Facebook and they began to discuss ways to overcome the objection of, “I don’t have the money.”


To me, I think that there are going to be some people out there who truly don’t have the money that’s required to join and run a business. Then there will be people out there that really believe that they don’t have the money. They may be able to raise the money or find the money if they really wanted to join your business. Then there will be the people who have the money and they know they have the money they just don’t want to spend the money to join your business. For them, it’s not an objection, it’s an excuse to not join. They just want you to go away and leave them alone.


Here are some of the suggestions that the group came up with to answer the lack of money objection.


One person’s company had several different options to join the company. There is an inexpensive option and mid-priced option and a less expensive option. Usually, this happens when the company puts more or less of their products in the kits. This person starts off by telling the prospects that there is a way to join at the expensive level. If they get the lack of money objection, they ask how close they are to the price of the expensive kit. Say the expensive kit is $500, but the prospect only has $250.00. The recruiter says, “Well, we do have a mid-level kit that is only $250.00, let’s get you started.”


Now the recruiter knows that they have enough money to join their business. They’ve taken away that objection. There may be other objections, but their prospect might sign up.


Then there were several people who suggested using this technique:


“If money wasn’t an issue, would you sign up with my business?” This is used to get a commitment to join the business. They figure that they can help the prospect to find the money later.


One of the suggestions was to tell the prospect that they will always have a lack of money until they do something to correct the problem. It’s the old, “Do you want to do something about your lack of money?” ploy. I don’t like that suggestion because there are people who really don’t have to money available to join and this kind of strategy is more likely to make them feel even worse than they already do now. The bottom line is that I think this strategy is just rude and belittling.


be careful what you say to your prospects


Someone suggested that they would follow up with the person when the company is offering a discount on the new distributor kits. I’d say be careful saying that to anyone. It could be seen as an insult.


One of the best suggestions is this: I would look confused and ask “You don’t have the money, or you just don’t see the value of this business?” That kind of cuts to the chase. There is an old example that network marketers love to use and it goes like this: If your prospect was offered a brand new BMW and the price was $300.00 would they have the money for that? Even someone who is dead broke can find a way to come up with the $300.00 to buy that brand new car. They see the value in that BMW. Obviously, they don’t see the same value in your business opportunity or else they would find the money somewhere.


This next one is one of the best suggestions. It’s one that I’ve used and really like. You can say, “You don’t need any money to test drive our system. Does free work for you?”


I let people do all of the work as though they have signed up. I get them to make a list, launch their business and start to talk to people. I help them just as though they are a “real” distributor. When they get to the part that they are about to recruit someone or sell a product, I let them know that they have a decision to make. Do they want to sign up, for real and get the sign-up or the commission or would they prefer that I get it?


Most people will see that they can make the business work for them and they sign up. The worst thing that can happen is that you get the sale or sign up.


Those are most of the suggestions from the discussion group. I hope that you found on that you like and can use in your own business!



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