What is prospecting?

What is prospecting and how do you use it in business?


what is prospecting


First, let’s look at what a prospect is.  A prospect is someone who, might meet the criteria, has the ability and qualifications, that has been established for a particular position in a business.

Does that change how you look at recruiting?

You are not just looking for anyone with a pulse.  You are now looking to establish a clear criteria for recruiting.  So what does that mean?

You need to find people who you believe demonstrate the ability to conduct the business successfully.  You need to have clearly defined qualifications that your prospects must meet to be considered for your business.

You are now in control of the recruiting process!

You can now treat recruiting like a “job interview.”  You can ask the questions to determine who can get into your business and who you don’t think will do what needs to get done in order for everyone to be successful.

What is prospecting?

Much like the mining industry, you are sifting through people to find the gold nuggets that are out there.  They are out there, you just need to find them.  You need to go through enough people to get to them.


gold nuggets


What is your criteria for allowing someone to join your business?

Keep in mind that people join people not businesses.  So you should be looking for leaders.  People who like people and like to talk to them.  You may not be looking for the salesperson type.  Like the classic and much cliched used car sales person type.  The pushy type.

It may come down to finding people with attractive personalities.  People who attract others to them.  People with friendly smiles and demeanors.  We’ve all met people like that.  Now you are seeking them out to join with you in your business.

You’ll have to decide the exact criteria that someone will have to meet to be able to join you in your business.  But deciding that you are a prospector and not just someone will sign up anyone who is breathing allows you to be much more selective.  You will be talking to people from the point of view of confidence and not of desperation.  This automatically gives you an advantage over most people out there.


looking for leaders


You are now a leader, a strong leader who has something of value to offer and you are not will to let just anyone get in on it.  The must pass your test.  They must demonstrate the ability to conduct a successful business.  They must prove themselves to be worthy of working with you.

The people who do meet your criteria will in turn need to have the question answered.  So what is prospecting and how do I do it?  You will need to show them that prospecting means looking for the diamonds that are out there.

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