All prospects are presold on network marketing!


Don’t talk your network marketing prospect

out of joining your business



How can that be? Everyone we talk to says “No!” It seems like we have to try to talk everyone into joining our business. Either talk them into joining or trick them into joining. Why would anyone want to join a network marketing company? It’s a tough business, not very many people succeed and the products are expensive.


While all of that might be true, I can assure you that everyone is presold on your network marketing business and your products.


What does presold mean, anyway?


Presold means that the prospect already wants what you have to offer, even though they might not realize it.


You may think that I’m crazy, but hear me out. What 4 things do people want from a business?


It doesn’t matter what kind of network marketing business you’re in or what your product happens to be, your prospect wants it. If you’re in electricity, does your prospect want to pay more for their electricity or less? Of course, they want to pay less. If you’re in skin care, does your prospect want dry, cracked skin or soft, health skin? Yes, they want soft and healthy skin. If you’re in weight loss, does your prospect want to weigh more or do they want to weigh less? I think you get the picture!


The next thing that people want is more money. If you went up to your prospect and asked them whether they wanted more money or less money, what we they say? I doubt that you could find someone who would say that they wanted less money. The opportunity to make more money is a hallmark of the network marketing industry.



Now ask them if they want to pay more in taxes or less in taxes? Again, I doubt that you could find a single person who was hoping that they could pay more in taxes. There are a lot of extra tax deductions when you own your own business. Many of these deductions are write-offs on money that they are already spending. Most people could probably save $100.00 to $200.00 or more per month. (I’m not an accountant!)


Do they want to have more time with the people that they care about or less time with them? Most prospects that you’ll talk to will say that they’d like to have more time with their friends and family. A network marketing business allows you to pick the hours that you’ll be working. This could free up time that can be used to spend more time with family and friends.


Now my question to you is this, do you think that there is anyone out there who wouldn’t want the benefits that your products offer or anyone who wouldn’t like to make more money, pay less in taxes or have more time to live their life the way that they want to live it?


My guess would be that everyone would like to have 1 or more of the things that owning a network marketing business can offer them! Everyone is presold!


If everyone is presold, on network marketing, then why is it so difficult to recruit people and find customers?


Maybe it’s us. Maybe we’re saying the wrong things to them and we end up talking them out of being our customer or our new recruit.


If you’re having trouble finding customers or new recruits, then you should be thinking about changing the words that you say! Change your words, change your business, change your life!



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