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You finally got them to look at your business presentation. They liked what they saw, but … and there always seems to be a but, right? They need to think about it or they need to talk to someone else about it. It seems like it’s almost impossible to make a decision, on the spot. Not to worry though.


I’d like to take credit for this strategy, but I got this from a fellow network marketer named, Tanya Aliza.


You’ve probably heard that “facts tell and stories sell.” People buy things for emotional reasons and then they back up or rationalize their decision to buy with logic. If you are trying to sell your products or service by being logical, you’ll have a tougher time. You’ll need to appeal to a person’s emotions to have a chance to get them to do business with you. If you tell someone a story, they’ll have an emotional response and they will be much easier to engage with them.


That’s great psychology, there, but how do we use that to get people to get off the fence?


Right after you finish showing your prospect your business plan, you’ll need to find out if they have a real interest in your business. You do this by asking the right questions. You should be asking questions like, “Can you see yourself doing this business?” or “Does this look like a good opportunity for you?” Once you’ve establish that they are truly interested in your business, you can use this strategy.


Once they’ve committed to the fact that they can see themselves doing the business, you can ask them if it would be okay for you to tell them a story. Once you have their permission, you can tell them that you had the same or similar reservations about joining as they are having now. You can tell them that your sponsor recommended to give it a try and make the commitment to join so you would have a strong story to tell people who are unsure that they would want to join. You can tell them that the last thing that they need, in this business is a weak story. They don’t want a story about how they couldn’t decide whether or not to join. One where they needed to do a lot of research or ask someone in their life a question about the business.


You can tell them that having a strong story to tell has made the difference for you many times and that you would recommend to them to do the same thing. Tell them that hesitation and doubt will kill a business faster than anything else.


They can have all the time that they need to think it over, but if they think that they’d like to be in a business, with you, that they should just go ahead and make the commitment to themselves and their success!


I know that this may seem very aggressive to some people. I have to agree, but this method is used by the top recruiter in her network marketing company. If it seems to aggressive for you to use, then why not try to modify it a bit to make it into something that would be more comfortable for you!


It’s hard to argue with their success!


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