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what are qualifying questions


Qualifying questions



Why do we need to qualify our prospects? Aren’t we supposed to talk to everyone we meet? They even teach us the 3 foot rule. You know the one where we talk about our businesses to anyone within 3 feet of us.


Yes, I know the 3 foot rule. If you want to talk to everyone you come in contact with, that’s fine. Is it a waste of time? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on what you talk about. If you spend your time talking about how great your business is, how easy it is to build and how much money they are going to make, then yes, it’s a waste of time!


Like I said, it’s okay to talk to everyone you meet. At worst, it’s good practice for you. You’ll learn a lot of ways not to build a network marketing company and it’s free!


The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter who you talk to. The only thing that matters is what you talk about.


Qualifying questions are meant to help you to eliminate people who would not be interested in owning their own business!   Qualifying questions can also help you find those people who will be the business builders you are looking for.  Anything that helps you to not waste your time is a very good thing!


If I haven’t mentioned it before, on my blog, the way you build network marketing business is to sort and sift through your prospects. It’s called prospecting for a reason. If you were to prospect for gold, you would wash away all the dirt and rocks and find the gold dust and nuggets at the bottom. That’s sorting and sifting!


In network marketing, you want to wash away those people who don’t seem likely to be business builders. The object is to find those nuggets of gold who will be the real business builders.


That’s the theory of qualifying questions, anyway.



the theory of qualifying questions



I say theory because, if someone really wants to sign up and they really don’t look or act like a business builder, you are going to sign them up anyway, right? You’d be crazy not to. In the first place, you get paid for recruiting them. Secondly, they may fool you and they may be business builders after all. Or they may join and just be lifelong customers. You get paid month after month, in that case. They could recruit one other person and fizzle out but, the one they found turns out to be a phenomenal business builder.


You see, the odds are, that your front line recruits won’t make you rich. They could but, more than likely, it will be someone or several someones, in your down line.


Enough of the theories already!



what qualifying questions should I ask


 Examples of Qualifying Questions

Basic qualifying questions


Qualifying questions – #1


Let’s get down to business here. “What do I say, to qualify my prospects?”


There are two different approaches that I like. The first is a fairly direct method. In the course of chatting with my prospect, I will pay them a compliment, such as, “You seem like you have very good people skills.” Then I quickly follow up by asking, “Have you ever considered owning your own business?”


If you are going to own your own business, having good people skills is definitely a good thing! It could be one of the most important skills that you can have. Let’s look at that conversation.


You’ve paid them a very nice compliment by telling them that they have good people skills. They will feel good about you and they will also feel good about themselves. You’ve also tied together good people skills and owning a business. If they see themselves as having good people skills, then it would stand to reason, that they would be good at business, as well. In the prospect’s mind, if they accept the compliment, then they also have to accept that they would be good at business, too


Set the appointment!



qualifying questions



Qualifying questions – #2


If you have ever done any computer programming or logic problems in a math class, you will recognize this next strategy.


It’s an “If … Then” strategy.


If ABC, then xyz, kind of thing. Don’t worry, I’ll explain this whole thing.


This is more of a traditional strategy. You are going to be talking to your prospect, about your prospect. People love to talk about themselves. You will be trying to isolate their main problem or concern, in their lives. Maybe they are afraid that they won’t ever have enough money to retire. Or maybe their daughter is getting married and they don’t how to pay for it. Maybe they just want to pay off their bills sooner. It, obviously, can be any number of things.


Once you have isolated their problem, you will be offering them the solution.


It might sound like this:


“If I could show you a way to have enough money to retire on, then could you find 30 minutes for me to tell you how?”


A variation might sound like this:


If I could show you a way to pay for your daughter’s wedding, would you sit down with me for 30 minutes to learn how?”


The exact verbiage is not critical here. As long as you have to the two elements in there. The first is “If I can …” or “If I could …,” the second half is “then could you …” or “would you …”


You have offered them a solution to their problem, what ever it happens to be. In exchange for them agreeing to meet with you to look at your solution.


Set the appointment!



ask qualifying questions to find out their problems



Those are two of my favorite methods for asking qualifying questions of my network marketing prospects. I hope you think that they are easy enough to do. You should be able to work them into most of your conversations.


Once they agree to meet with you, you can tell them if they like what they see, that you can discuss the next steps toward solving their problems. If they don’t think that it is a good fit for them, then absolutely no hard feelings.


I’m sure that you can think up a lot of qualifying questions of your own. If you’d like to comment below and let me know what some of your favorite qualifying questions are, I’d like to hear them!


Thank you!


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