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That’s a great title! If only it were true. That would be like building a better mouse trap. Everyone would be flocking to your door!


Well, what if it were true? Suppose there was a real way to eliminate hearing the word, “No,” when you are out selling your products or recruiting new distributors. What would that do for your business?


I know for me, that hearing “No” too many times is bad news. For those who have a tough outer shell, it’s probably not that big of a deal, but to those of us who aren’t used to hearing that word, it can be devastating. It can even be business ending!


I’d like to teach you a strategy that will, hopefully, be easy to use and effectively eliminate the word “No” from your prospect’s vocabulary.


First, I’d like to put sales and recruiting in network marketing into perspective.


If you like and listen to Top 40 music these days, then you might know who had the top selling CD in 2015. If not, it was Adele. Her album titled, “25” sold a whopping 2,500,000 copies. That’s really good. It sounds like a lot of CDs to sell. I’m sure that she made a bunch of money!


Those CDs, I say CDs, but I’m sure that most of the sales were downloads, were sold worldwide, but let’s pretend that they were all sold in the US. I’d like to compare the total sales to the current population of the US, that would be about 319,000,000.


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What percentage of the US population has bought the Adele CD?


I did the math and it is less than 1% of the total population bought her CD. Adele was able to make millions of dollars by selling her product to less than 1% of the US population.


That illustrates the Law of Large Numbers. Basically, it says that if you are able to sell your product to a small percentage of a large number of people, you can make a lot of money!


Now, translate this principle to network marketing. You don’t need to sell your product to everyone to make a lot of money, in network marketing. You can compare you sales percentages to that of Adele to get a real picture of how well you are really doing. If you are able to sell to less than 1% of the people that you talk to, you are doing just as well as Adele did. If you were to sell to just 2% of the people that you talk to, you’d be being twice as well as Adele did. If you can sell your product to 10% of the people you talk to, you’d be doing 10 times the amount of business!


All that is fine and dandy, but it assumes that you are selling any products. If you are hearing “No” all the time, then you probably aren’t selling much if anything.


Let’s figure out how to eliminate the word “No” from the equation.


What if you never tried to sell a product to anyone? What???


Would you ever hear the word “No” again? You probably could eliminate the word “No.”


hearing no in network marketing sucks


I think that the use of indirect selling could save many people’s businesses!


What the heck is indirect selling?


Let’s say that you are selling weight loss products. In this example, you are talking to someone who is relatively fit. They might have 10-15 pounds to lose, but they are doing all right. You do a little rapport building first …


Imagine, if you will, that you approach someone to try to sell your products to them, but you say, “I’m sure that this product isn’t for you, but it is for people who are actively trying to lose weight, but are having a difficult time. Do you know anyone like that?”


Notice that you didn’t ask them if they wanted to buy your products. You didn’t have to describe your products or what the ingredients are. You didn’t have to tell them what company you work for. You didn’t even have to tell them that they are the greatest weight lose products on the planet. You just asked them if they know anyone who is actively trying to lose weight.


What is their response?


They could tell you that they don’t know anyone, but we know that’s not the truth, but we’ll accept that answer. They could say that they do know people or they could say, “Yes, I am trying to lose this last 15 pounds, but nothing is working.”


The last 2 are obviously what we want to hear! If they do know other people, then you can get the referrals. If they say that they are looking for a good way to lose weight, then you can begin to tell them more about your products and you can set up a meeting to go over the details.


You can use this method in your recruiting, as well.


recruiting in network marketing


You can start by saying, “I’m sure that you wouldn’t be interested in this idea, but maybe you know someone who would be.”


Then you can describe the ideal person who you’d like to recruit. Either they know someone or they don’t. Who knows maybe they will tell you that they have been looking for a way to make some extra money.


I hope that this helps you in your business! It would be nice to never have anyone say “No” to you ever again!


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