Is there a secret to network marketing success?



Shhh … Can you keep a secret?



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In a word, no. There isn’t a real secret. By that, I mean that there isn’t something out there that only a few people know about and that’s how they got to be a success in their businesses.


It boils down to two words. Action and consistency!


How often have you seen someone just staring at their distributor kit and wishing something good would happen? How many times have you been guilty of the same thing?


Think back to all the other times that you tried to make network marketing work. Is this what you did? Did you rub the side of the distributor kit and hope the network marketing genie would grant your every wish?


It doesn’t work this way!


I watched a video a while ago. It was of Rachel Jackson accepting some prize from her network marketing company. She was brought up on stage and she had an acceptance speech. In it she told the audience one thing that made the difference for her. This was how she was different than most of the people in the audience.



wouldn't it be cool to give a speech



She said she was willing to hear “No,” from her prospects, more times in a week than most people are willing to hear “No” in a year.


She took action and was very consistent about it. She never gave up and that made all the difference!


If you want to be a successful network marketer, you need to take action! It doesn’t have to be massive action. Start slow and build up to the massive action. I usually start my new people out with 1-2 contacts per day. Yes, per day! They get to choose. Most say that they can talk to 1 person per day. You know what? That’s fine!


One new contact per day is 30 new prospects a month. That’s a lot more than most people have, in a year. Well most people don’t last a year. Usually, a new recruit will learn that talking to people about their business isn’t as painful as they imagined it would be. They up the number of people that they will talk to in a day to 2 or maybe to 3. That’s 60-90 new prospects each month.



take consistent action



It doesn’t really matter how many people you talk to. All that really matters is that you are at least talking to 1 person, every day! That is well over 300 people per year.


It doesn’t even need to be anything fancy. It’s great to have a well thought out script, but it isn’t necessary. Strike up a conversation and somewhere in there ask if they’d be interested in making some extra money each month.


Some will say yes. Some will say no. Most will want to know more about it. Just tell them what it is. If you are unsure of what to say, read this article. Sorting and sifting.


Set up a follow up meeting to give them more information about what it is that you are doing.


This business is simple, but it is not easy. Most people lack the skills need to build and run a business. Most people are too afraid of the rejection that they will no doubt face every day. Believe it or not all of this can be overcome. You can learn the skills that you need and you can find real life ways to avoid most of the rejection that we, as business builders, will face. You can find many articles about these on my blog.



learn the skills that you need to be successful



It’s time to suck it up and take some meaningful ACTION! Start by talking to 1 person each day. Do this every day for a month. This will give you a fighting chance at finding success in your business.


Good luck and let me know how you are doing with this!



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