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How to sell your network marketing products


selling your network marketing products



That sounds like a totally ridiculous question, doesn’t it? It might sound dumb, but what if you could sell your products without selling them to anyone? Would you have any interest in that? I hope so!


There are 3 main objections that I hear in my business. “I don’t have the money.” I don’t have the time.” “I’m not a salesperson.” It’s the third one that I am interested in, today.


I’m not a salesperson or I can’t sell anything or I don’t like to sell anything are all the same. Face it, most people are not salespeople. I do know a few people who are real wheeler dealers and like the game, but that is a rarity. Most of the people that I know, don’t even like to hold a yard sale. Everyone tries to get a lower price on all of your “stuff.” Selling isn’t much fun.


Selling network marketing products


To me, the #1 reason people quit the network marketing business is that they never make any money. They never make any money, because they aren’t able to sell their products. Once someone is able to make money, in network marketing, they are more likely to stay in the business!


The next time you prospect someone and they say that they don’t like to sell, ask them this question. “If I could show you a way to sell stuff without selling stuff, would you consider joining my business?”


That has to be at least a little intriguing, doesn’t it?


Would a prospect think to themselves, “Well, if I can sell the products without selling, maybe I could do this business.”


Here is the strategy that allows any network marketer to sell their products, without ever selling anything.


Whenever you talk to anyone, you will want to explain what your product does and then you want to ask them if they know anyone who would like to have those benefits.


Did you notice that you never tried to sell them your products?


it's hard to sell network marketing products


There are 4 different responses that you might you get, to that question.


The first is, “No, I don’t know anyone.”


If they come right out and tell you they don’t know anyone, go ahead and except this answer. You can tell them that you’d appreciate if they could let you know if they ever hear about anyone who wants the benefits that your products will give people.


The second is, “Yes, I do know someone who was looking for that benefit.”


If they say that they do know someone who would be interested, then ask them for an introduction. You could get the person’s name and number and do what amounts to a cold call, but you really wouldn’t need to do that. Getting a personal introduction adds so much to your credibility! You can do a 3 way call or you can even meet them somewhere.


The third is, “I’m not sure if I do or not.”


If you get a “I’m not sure if I know anyone” be sure to let them know that you want them to contact you if they find that they really do know people who would be interested.


The fourth is, “I might be interested.”


The last one is the answer that you are really looking for. It is so much easier to talk to someone, on the spot. No waiting for introductions or meetings. You’re there together!


Just continue to explain what benefits they will get from using your products. When you finish explaining, you just ask them if they would be interested in starting to get the benefits.


If you have a “closing line” that you like better feel free to use it. I prefer a “soft close” because it is less pressure to put on a potential client.


network marketing - don't need to be a pro


Let’s revisit the first 3 types of answers on the list.


There are 2 things that you can gain by having people like this. The first is that you could get a steady stream of referrals from them. You can periodically ask them if they happen to know anyone who is looking for your products. Remember, you’ve never asked them to buy the products so you can ask them over and over for their help.


The second thing is that once they give you a referral, you an ask them if they’d like to join your business and get the commission from that sale. They’ve already proven, to themselves, that they can do network marketing. You just need to tell them that!


You see, you can sell stuff to people without having to sell them anything.


If you never ask anyone to buy your products, you will never burn any bridges!


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