Should I sell products to new people or just try to recruit them?



Selling products vs recruiting



selling products or recruiting



When you first talk to someone, should you be trying to sell your products or should you be there to try to recruit new distributors?



There seems to be two schools of thought, on this issue. There are those who will tell you that you should lead with your product. Meaning that you should try to sell your products before your try to recruit anyone.



Then there are those in the other camp. They say that you should lead with your business. That is to say, that you should, primarily, be trying to recruit new people into your business.



There are advantages of both methods. Let’s take a look at both.



Leading with your business opportunity



Business Opportunities



If are you trying to recruit new people into your business, then you are doing the most financially rewarding activity in network marketing. Recruiting new people into your business is where the “big money” is. This is where you will find the most residual income as well. If you are looking to make a 6 figure income or higher, then recruiting new people is what you will need to do.



If you talk to 100 people about joining your business, the industry average is about 3% of them will join you. You can raise that number by learning the skills needed to better qualify your prospects.



This leaves you with 97 people who said no to joining your business. What do you do with these people? If you’re like most distributors, you walk away from them, never to be seen again. What if you changed things a bit and you ask them to buy your products?



selling products or recruiting



They know about the company, now. They know something about the products that you have to sell. If you do this, then about 3% of will buy the products.



If you lead with your business, you will get, approximately, 3 new distributors and 3 new clients, for every 100 people you talk to.



Leading with your products



If you try to sell your products as a way to introduce your business to new people you will sell to about 20%-30% of them. For every 100 people that you talk about your products, you should get 20-30 of them to buy from you.



Of the people who are buying your products, most will like them, some won’t. In the end, you will have a core group of buyers who are raving fans of your company’s products.



You can ask them for referrals to help you to find new customers and some of them may actually decide to become distributors with you.



10% of people buying products will become distributors



Even if as few as 10% make the switch to being a distributor, that’s 2-3 people.



If you are leading with, trying to sell, your products, then you will get 20-30 new customers and 2-3 new distributors from those customers.



If your average profit from those 20-30 customers is $10.00 per month, then you have created a $200.00-$300.00 a month business. It’s extremely difficult to quit a business that you are making money from.



What conclusions can we draw from this information?



I have to be honest and let you know that I fully expected to finish this article and recommending that you lead with your business opportunity. To my surprise, I am left to recommend that most distributors should be leading with their products.



The numbers don’t lie. It is much better to have a profitable business! Having 20-30 customers will do that for you. As these 20-30 customers become raving fans, they will help you find others to sell to and some will actually become distributors.



There aren’t too many things better than having a raving fan spreading the word about the products!



I’m left to say that leading with selling your products is the way to go.



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