A simple plan for success in network marketing

Success in network marketing

Is within reach!


success in network marketing


The most important thing that you can do for your network marketing business is to get yourself into profit! The quickest and best way to do that is to starting selling your company’s products. You should be using their product or products and you should have developed your product story. I wrote an article about how to develop a products story. You can read it here. Your product story.


The products that you company has should be top notch, with benefits that most people would want to experience. Whether the products are supposed to help you lose weight, look better or feel better, they do something for you. Whatever the products are supposed to do, that’s what you tell people about them. You do not have to be a slick and polish salesperson. You just need to tell people about what your experiences have been while you have been using them.


You should be able to sell enough of your products, every month, to generate a decent part time income! It might take you a few months, but you will accomplish this.


Once you are in profit, you can now move on to recruiting people into your business.


You can approach most anyone and tell them, in conversation, that you found a way to make an extra $500.00 per month or however much money you are making. I can almost guarantee you that nearly everyone you talk to will ask you about how you are doing it or ask you if you can teach them how to do it!


You might not even have to get them on front of a business plan. It’s an extremely simple, 2 step process. How hard could that be to teach someone how to do this?


Training for your new recruits


network marketing training for newbies


You show them how to sign up. Let them use the products and experience all of the benefits. Develop their own product story. Teach them how to share their product stories with their friends, relatives, co-workers and neighbors. Let them build up and decent, side income. Once they have that steady income, you can send them out to tell the world that they know how to make some extra money every month.


You want this to be so simple that anyone that you talk to will be saying to themselves, “I can see myself do that.” or “If they can do this, I know I can do it!”


Once they get to that point, you have them.. Who would say, “No,” to a simple way to earn some extra money? I don’t know anyone. Do you?


Network marketing isn’t easy, but it doesn’t need to be as difficult as we make it. We, as network marketers, get all stressed out because we have problems recruiting people. Most people never recruit anyone.


I say, let’s dial back a few notches and conduct our businesses the way that they were meant to be conducted.


This is supposed to be a one on one business, that is shared amongst friends and relatives. It is supposed to be done by getting a lot of people to do a little bit of work toward a common goal.


Can it really be this simple? Can you see yourself doing this?


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