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This is the next step in the prospecting sequence. I’ve already gone through the Stealth prospecting and Permission prospecting scripts. The objective there is to make an appointment to show the prospect the business presentation. Your prospect may continue to ask for more information. That’s perfectly understandable and is actually a good sign. They are showing that they have a interest in what you are doing.



At this stage of the conversation, you may think that it would be a good time to show the prospect the entire presentation. Try not to do that. You want the prospect to invest as much of their time as you can. Within reason of course.



The entire 3 part prospecting sequence should take anywhere from 10-15 minutes. If it is more than that, then you are probably telling your prospect too much. You can and will talk someone out of being in business with you, by telling too much, at this meeting.



You need to stay in control of the situation and the conversation. But if someone is really interested in owning in their own business, they might ask for more and more information. This is where the sneak peek presentation will be used.



I call it a sneak peek presentation but, when you are talking to someone, call it a “brief overview.”






The conversation might proceed like this:



Prospect: Can’t you tell me exactly what you are doing, now?”



(You need to stay in control and remind them that your time is valuable.)



You: Again, it would take me 30-40 minutes to go over the whole thing and I’m sorry but I just don’t have that much time right now. I can give you a brief overview, if you’d like?”



Of course they want to hear all about it. They will say okay.



This is where you will give them the “highlights” of your business presentation. You will want to spend 5-6 minutes going over them.



I know everyone’s business presentations are different but, they do have a lot of the basics in common. Here is a list of the 5 main topics that you will want to tell your prospect, in your brief overview.


  1. Your company
  2. Your product or service
  3. Money
  4. Training
  5. Options for getting involved with your company


That’s not too much to remember but, in the “heat of battle,” you might forget to include 1 or more of these. Not to worry! I’m here to help with that!



You’ve probably heard of an acronym. An acronym is formed by taking the first letter of each word in a phrase. One of the most widely recognized acronyms is NASA. NASA is formed by taking the first letter of each of the words of that agency’s name. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.





Another one is Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, or SCUBA. That’s the scuba gear that you wear if you happen to go deep water diving.



Unfortunately, the first letters of the words of your “brief overview” make an unpronounceable word.






If you figure out how to pronounce that, let me know!



If your acronym can’t be pronounced, you should use a mnemonic device. A mnemonic device is a technique that aids in memorizing something, like a phrase. We would assign new words to the letters in the acronym CPMTO, to make it more memorable.



The words that I have come up with are:



Captain Parker Makes Tasty Omelettes


Captain parker makes tasty omelettes



That should be fairly easy to memorize. If you have trouble with that one, feel free to make up one of your own.



Obviously, I can’t write a script that would apply to all businesses. They are all too different. My suggestion is to listen to your company’s business presentation again and take notes. You need to have enough to say to fill up about 5 minutes. That’s about 1 minute per section.



Keep in mindthat that 1 minute of talking will probably be about 60-100 words. It does depends on how fast you talk.



You don’t want to try to sell anything in this brief overview. You are just providing general information.



Captain – C – Company



When you talk about your company keep it rather generic. When was it founded? Who started it and why? You don’t want this to be a lot of hype.



Parker – P – Products or services



Your company may sell hundreds of products. You can’t tell them about all of them. Just tell them that your company has high quality products, in whatever category you’re in. As you talk about the products or services that your company provides, you need to tell them just enough so that they will know what they are selling or sharing with their friends. You aren’t trying to sell them the products, at this time.



Makes – M – Money



This section is about the compensation plan that your company offers. This is probably the most difficult section to get through without sounding like a lot of hype. You don’t want to tell them that it’s easy money, because it’s not. You won’t want to tell them that they’ll be a millionaire in a year, because that’s not likely to be true. You can use words like, “generous income plan,” or “leveraging” other people’s time. Leave the complete compensation plan for the full presentation.



Tasty – T – Training



To me, this is the most critical section. Your prospect needs to be convinced that they can actually do the business. They will be able to make it work. They can make money. You have to show them exactly what you are willing to do for them. You will teach them a simple, step by step plan. You will not only tell them what needs to be done, to be successful but, you will teach them how to do what needs to be done!



Omelettes – O – Options



There are usually 3 different ways for people to get involved in any MLM business. The first being as a customer. They will be able to buy your great products or services directly from you and you will provide them with excellent customer service. The second way to be involved with your company is to become, what I like to call, a casual distributor. The casual distributor is the person who really likes the products or service and would like to get them at the lowest possible price. As a distributor, they will be able to purchase the products at wholesale prices. The third and final way to get involved is if they see the income earning potential in owning a business like this. They might want to build a network of people like themselves.



When you are done with your sneak peek presentation, you can try to “close” them.



You can ask them, which of those 3 options would they be interested in?


3 options



This is a great time to try to “close” them if you have gotten to the end of the 3 sequences and they are still interested. If they do ask for even more information, invite them to a full business presentation.



There aren’t many things that are worse than going through a full business presentation with someone who hasn’t been qualified like this and at the end tell you “No.”



Use the 3 prospecting scripts to help you disqualify those people who don’t show a lot of interested in owning a business. The ones who make it to the end are the ones who are mostly likely to join you in your business.



Stop letting people waste your time!


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