Do I even stand a chance in network marketing?

Will you find success or failure in network marketing?


success or failure in network marketing


I had a prospect ask me that, the other day. Do they stand a chance? I was surprised, not by the question, but by the fact that they knew the statistics of the network marketing industry. They told me that they heard that 97% of all network marketer fail in the business.


A flash went through my head of all the answers I’ve heard for this statistic. I’ve heard stuff like most businesses fail. Most marriages fail. Most diets fail. Most people can’t quit smoking. The list of things goes on and on.


While all of those things might be true, I think that there must be a better answer than, two wrongs make a right. I say that because we all know that two wrongs don’t make a right!


Does saying that most businesses fail so it stands to reason that most network marketers fail too and that means that you should join my business? It doesn’t make sense to me, how about you? If I said that most people fail at dieting, would that make you want to join my business? I’m not sure that it would make anyone want to join a network marketing company.


There are many reasons why so many people don’t find success in network marketing.


Most prospects see the end goal of having a lot of money, a big house and they sign up. They didn’t take into account the minefield that is the network marketing business. Maybe they were told that it would be easy, that everyone wants the products and they sell themselves. Or they may have been told that everyone wants extra money, recruiting is easy. Neither of those things is true. Telling prospects those things is what leads to unmet expectations. People who have unmet expectations are people who are all too willing to quit the business.


A lot of new distributors are not totally committed to their own success. They have a job that they don’t really like, but it pays the bills. If they can’t get network marketing to work for them, they can always stay there. It’s too bad there, right? Unfortunately, they have one foot in the business and one foot out of the business.


one foot in network marketing one foot out


Then there is a whole group of distributors who never get started with the business. They invest their hard earned money, get their distributor kit and never do anything with it. They’re too afraid of what might happen to get started. They think that they can do it, but when it comes time to put up or shut up, they freeze.


There also a lot of people who get started and give up way too easily. They actually make a go of it, for a while, but find that it’s too hard or takes too long to find success. They don’t make a long term commitment to the actions that they are willing to take and that’s the end of them.


I’ve heard of people who jump from one company to the next looking for easy success. They join a well established company, but they don’t find success. Then they quit and join a start up only to find that they go out of business just as quickly. The grass always looks greener, but it rarely is.


I told my prospect all of these reasons that so many people don’t find success in network marketing and I asked them which of those were they going to be?


Needless to say, they joined a short time after that. Time will tell how well they do in this business. I truly hope that they find success. I’d hate to find out that they were going to be one of “those people.”



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