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prospecting tips



Yes, you read that right! Stealth prospecting.


This is a method for offline prospecting.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a method of prospecting that didn’t “feel” like prospecting? You betcha it would!



stealth prospecting

Whether you know them or not, it can be so tough to approach new people about your business. Your warm market is afraid of you and you are afraid of the cold market. That’s not a good position to be in when trying to build a network marketing business.



Once you mention that you are associated with a network marketing company, most people will run and hide from you. You’ll feel obligated to chase after them. You certainly wouldn’t want them to get away from you! They’ll feel like you are trying to sell them something. You’ll end up doing one of two things. Begging them or bugging them … or maybe both.



This is not a pretty picture, is it?  This happens way too often.



Is there a real solution to this problem?

Yes, chumming!



What’s chumming, you ask?



All of the Spongebob fans should know what chum is. Maybe you’ve seen the movie Jaws, or watched someone doing deep sea fishing. Anyway, fisherman chop up the bait they are going to use and ladle it into the ocean. It attracts fish, sharks and any other animal in the ocean that wants a free meal.



Stealth prospecting with Spongebob?



Maybe you see some sort of warped correlation between fishing, chumming and prospecting for network marketing? Hopefully, it’s obvious!



Prospecting doesn’t have to be scary!



We’re going to use “chum” to attract people for our MLM businesses. The “chum” in this case will be verbal. Not many people are really attracted to fish bits.

You just need to know which words to use in your everyday conversations and you will be able to do your stealth prospecting.



Your main goal is to find out if the person you are talking to has any interest in owning their own business. If they do have an interest then you need to get their permission to give them more information.



In this article I’ll focus on finding out if they have any interested in what you are doing.



Have you ever counted how many times each day that you “greet” someone with the phrase “Hey, how ya doin’?” Or maybe you’re a “Hi, how are you?” person. No matter how you greet someone, it gets a prerecorded, straight from the mental tape recorder, “click whirrr” response. They say, “I’m good. How are you?”



It’s automatic!



Maybe they’re way too perky and you get a, “I’m fantastic! How are you?”



Well, this is your chance to “chum” the waters.

Your response to their question should be, “I’m doing great ever since I ____”



You just need to fill in that blank. It could be any of the following or make up one of your own.



I’m doing great ever since I figured out how to make some extra money working from home.”



“I’ve been doing great ever since I started making money from home.”


“I’m doing great since I started making more money, in my spare time.”



“I’m doing great ever since I found a way to pay off my credit cards, early.”



Keep in mind, that’s all you want to say. You need to throw the conversation right back to them. Say something like, “So what’s new with you?” Or maybe, “That’s enough about me. Anything new with you?”



stealth prospecting can be as easy as saying hello



You’ve placed the bait in the water and you want to see if the person, you are talking to, is interested in hearing more about what you are doing.



They may respond by glossing over what you said about making extra money.



“Good for you. Yeah, we just bought a new car.” Or something that moves the conversation on to new things.



Okay, they are not interested in what you are doing. At least not now, but you just prospected them and they didn’t even know it. You didn’t have bug them or beg them and it is certainly possible for you to approach them in the future.



If the respond by asking what it is that you are doing to make extra money then they have raised their hands to identify themselves as someone who you can move along the sales process. They have asked you for more information.

A successful conversation might go something like this:



You say, “Hi, how ya doin’?”

They answer, “Good and how are you?”
You respond, “ Well, I’m doing great ever since I found a way to make some extra money by working at home.  What’s new with you?”
They say, “Really? How are you doing making extra money?”


We want to “throw” it back to them by asking, what’s new with them after we tell them they we found a way to make extra money.  We want to give them a chance to decide if they are really interested in what we are doing or if they want a way out of that line of questioning.  They could ask us, “how are you doing that” or they may not be interested in what we are doing, change the subject and tell us what’s new in their life.  Either is fine.  If they are not interested in what we are doing then they have eliminated themselves, for now.  They are totally unaware that they have been prospected, we haven’t chased them away and they may be interested in what we doing in the future.



just engage in conversation



If they have shown an interest in what you are doing and they have given their consented to you to give them more information, then they are ready to be moved into the next stage of the conversation sequence.



You may be thinking that this could be slightly uncomfortable or awkward if you are talking to a total stranger. You might be thinking that the person you are talking to won’t want to know that much about you. You could be right about that. To over come that, you could take that objection away from them by telling them that it’s more than they really want to know. It could sound like this.



They answer, “Good and how are you?”
You respond, “Well, this may be too much information, but I’m doing great ever since I found a way to make extra money at home, in my spare time.”


This is a very simple and easy to use method for prospecting, on the sly.


I would suggest that you write down the words for a script that feels the most comfortable to you. Memorize the script and practice it as much as you can. It may take a while to make the script feel like it is your own. It may be difficult to get started with this, but you will get it. It will flow off your tongue. It will be the most natural way of talking to people, sooner than you think.

Don’t give up on this. This is something that you can use every single day. It’s quick, easy and painless for all involved.



Prospecting doesn’t have to be hard!



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