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 Network marketing success tips


network marketing tips


I’d like to give you 4 tips about network marketing. These tips should help you to find success.




My first tip is to immerse yourself in the network marketing business. If you were going to relocate to a foreign country, you’d probably want to learn their language. Now, you could go to school to learn, but you’d only be in class an hour a day. It would take years and years to master the new language. The other option would be to totally immerse yourself, in the language. Immersion is a much more difficult way to learn, but it also much more effective, in the long run.


There is so much stuff to learn when you join a network marketing company. You need to learn all about the products. You need to learn about the compensation plan. You need to know how to order products and sign up new distributors. That’s just the beginning.


Immerse yourself in the culture of the company. Go to all the events. Go to every business presentation and hotel meeting that you can. Make sure you go to your company’s annual conference. Put yourself around as many distributors as you can. Try to meet the people who are, successfully, building their businesses. You will be surprised at how much you can learn from other people.


Success leaves a blueprint


Find out what other people are doing!




make a commitment


My second tip is to make a commitment to building you business. Something made you like your company and join it. Maybe it was the compensation plan or maybe it was the products. Whatever it was, always keep that reason in mind. Make a multiple year commitment to build your business.


Multiple year?


Yes, Rome wasn’t built I a day and your business probably will take many years to build. I know that it must be a real disappointment to hear that news! We’ve all heard those stories about people who reached a 6 figure income in 6-12 months. Let me assure you that those stories are the exceptions not the rules.


If you were to buy an established business, you would pay a multiple of the business’ profits. That multiplier is usually between 3 and 5 times the amount of profits. Let’s say that you pay 4 times the annual profits for the business. That would mean that after year 4 you would finally be at break even.


This means that at the start of year 5 you would just start making money.


If you bought that business you would have to wait for 4 years to start making money. Should it be any quicker starting your own network marketing business, from scratch?


In our world of instant gratification, waiting 4 years seems out of the question!


Learn the skills


The network marketing business is probably new to most people. If you woke up tomorrow and you were made the CEO of IBM, would you know how to run that business? Probably not.


learn network marketing skills


I remember when I was first introduced to network marketing. A friend of mine from high school and college called me up and said that he had something for me to look it. He had a white board and an erasable marker. He started drawing circles and told me that if I could find 6 people and they found 4 people and those people found 3 people of their own, that I’d be making a lot of money.


Now that I’ve been in the business for … well, many years, I know that the trick is not to find 6 people. It is to find the right 6 people and that is a lot harder than he made it sound!


Learn the skills of network marketing



My final tip to help you to become successful in network marketing is to learn how to advertise. As soon as you get started in your business, your sponsor will tell you to make a list of your warm market. You are to write down the names and phone numbers of your friends, relatives, co-workers and neighbors. You know, all the people who will do their best to convince you that you job is not so bad after all. It might take them 30-90 days to accomplish this, but more than likely, they will convince you!


advertising makes network marketing easier


This business can be so much easier if you learn how to advertise to get leads. Wouldn’t it be easier to talk to people who called you and told you that they were interested in your business opportunity? It would be much more pleasant to sell your products to people who told you that they wanted to buy them. This is what advertising can do for you.


Dedicate yourself to your own success. If you will apply these 4 simple tips, you will be well on your way, to success!

success leaves a blueprint


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