Who is your target market?

You need to choose a target market to prospect


If you have read my bio you should know that I own a home cleaning company.  Once I got tired of hand delivering my advertisement flyers directly to people’s doors, I decided to try direct mail.  So I called Money Mailer and they sent out a guy to take my order.  Turns out the guy was the owner of the local franchise.

Who is your target market?

The very first time I talked to my “ad guy” from Money Mailer, he asked me that question.

I had a great answer, or so I thought.  I responded, “Anyone who has a dirty home.”  The guy laughed.  Fortunately, he wasn’t laughing at me.

He had similar answers for years.  I had no idea what the “real” answer was.  So I asked him what I should’ve said.  He wasn’t sure what I should’ve said so he started asking me questions.

“Would you rather clean a 5000 sq ft home or a 1500 sq ft home?”

“Would you rather clean a town home or a single family home?”

“Would you rather clean a house with kids or without kids?”

“Would you rather clean for people who have pets or not?”

Wow!  These were excellent questions.  I really had no idea that I really did have an ideal client and ideal type of home to be cleaned.

It wasn’t like I would turn down a home or a client because they didn’t fit into my ideal category, I would certainly take the business but the Money Mailer guy and I decide to gear our ads to the ideal client.

That made a huge difference to the business.


Target market


Just as I had an ideal client and home type in the cleaning business, so you will too have an ideal type of person that you will want to gear your marketing towards.  You may have different ideals depending on whether you are marketing to recruit new distributors or whether you are looking for clients.

The thing you need to do is to sit down and ask yourself the same type of questions as the Money Mailer asked me.

If you are recruiting, ask yourself who would you rather work with?  You may want to start by recruiting people who are like yourself.  If you are an employee who spends 8 hours in a cubicle them you may want to work in that niche of people.  If you are self employed you may find it easier to work with other business owners.

The thing about starting with people who are like is that they may have similar feelings as you did when you were looking to start your own business.  You will know their problems and how you choose to solve them.  You may know their dreams, hopes and desires.  You can tell them how you are going to achieve things and more.

The same process can be used to determine the ideal type of person that you want to sell your products to.  If you are in the weight loss business, you don’t want to start with anyone who is overweight. You need to narrow it down.  Again, I would suggest starting out with people who are like you.  If you are a stay at home mom, find other stay at home moms who would like to lose weight.

It is easier to relate to and bond with people who are like you!  The network marketing business is all about relationships.  Don’t forget that.

I have found that if you go after everyone, you will most likely end up with no one.

Now I’m not saying that you have to stick with one type of people to work with or sell to.

As you become comfortable with working with people who are like you, you can add in a new type of person.

As for me, I have decided to try to recruit newbies to the MLM business model or people who have been in the business but got no help in building their business from their up line.

Basically, anyone who doesn’t have or never had a marketing plan to build with.

So go get a pen and pad of paper and start asking yourself some good questions.

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