The top 11 things to teach a new recruit


i said top 11 things


Promote yourself not your company.


This is the same thing as building your own brand. The main thing here is that you want people to get to know you. Any number of things can happen to the company that you are involved with. They could go out of business or change the compensation plan enough to make you want to quit. If you promote your company and you stop working with them, you’ll need to start all over. If you have promoted yourself and something happens you will retain all of the good will that you have created.  You will probably be able to move your downline, with you, to a new company!


Just do it!


Get started. Have a plan of action and implement it. Things do not have to be “just right” for you to do something. If you are blogging for leads then any kind of content that you create, early on, may not be the very best but at least you have some momentum going for you. Things will get better. Your content will develop into quality material. Use the fact that your early content wasn’t top notch to your advantage. You can show prospects how your content improved with practice and so will theirs.


Choose your marketing strategy.



marketing strategy


I would suggest that if you are running your business on a part time basis, that you choose just one main marketing strategy. Most marketers have a blog. This is their centerpiece of their marketing. This is where they will send all of their prospects to learn about them. I can tell you from experience that a blog takes a fair amount of time to run. If you need to research information for a blog post it could take as much as 3-4 hours to do the research and write the post. If you are writing a post from your own personal experience, it might take as little as 1 hour. That’s day and day out.


I know of several full time bloggers that can spend as much as 8-10 hours on research and writing a post. That’s kind of impractical for most of us.


You can combine blogging with one other strategy such as article marketing, video marketing, social media marketing or solo ads. You can outsource articles to be written. The other strategies should take less than an hour per day, hopefully.


You don’t need to be a jack of all trades. You just need to be the master of one of these to be successful!


Tell people what you want them to do.


Every time you communicate with your readers or with the people on your list, you will want to tell them what you would like them to do next. If you send them to your blog to read a post, you will ask them to leave a comment or maybe buy something from you. Do not assume that your readers will know what you want them to do. Ask them to leave a comment below your post. Tell them that you would like them to purchase a product from you.


Be very specific in your instructions. You don’t want to leave anything to chance.




Recycle your content.


As you write posts for your blogs, you can use that content to create other content. You can rewrite your post into an article that would be accepted in an article directory. You could also convert your post into a video for YouTube. There are many different ways to reuse your content in different formats. This will maximize your reach with every piece of content that you produce.


Recycling content is a huge time saver. Creating new content can take hours, so why not make the best use of the content that you do create!


Move to paid traffic generating strategies.


As soon as you can afford it, I would suggest that you move into paid traffic. You don’t want all of your eggs in one basket. Especially, Google’s basket. Google can and will slap you around when you least expect it. Any update may effect your traffic flow.


There are a lot of advantages to using paid traffic generating strategies. Once you use paid traffic you will be able to predict how much you will need to pay in order to generate the traffic that you want.


You don’t want to stop using your free traffic sources, you just don’t want to rely on them exclusively.


Build your list.


build a list



Have great content on your blog and have a valuable gift to give away. This will allow you to build a list of people to market to. If you do your marketing properly, you should be able to generate enough money from your list to use paid traffic sources.


Use an auto-responder to communicate with your list and build the relationship between you and the people on your list.  You will have a series of emails in your auto-responder that goes out everyday. Use the “broadcast” feature of your auto-responder at least once a week.  The broadcast feature allows you to send out a message that is separate from the regular email series.


Use this to invite the people on your list to see your company’s business presentation or to a special training class that you might be producing.


Self improvement.


Do at least 15 minutes of reading or listening to tapes per day. The more you know, the more confidence you will have in yourself. You can improve your mindset by reading. You can learn new skills everyday. Anything that you need to improve in your business, you can usually find a book or a tape to help you.


Trust the process.


Running your business is nothing more than a long term process. You move people through this process. The first step is your advertising and marketing. You move people through your sales funnel and finally invite people to see your business presentation. If you have the process set up correctly then trust that it will work for you. There may be days or weeks that you don’t get the results that you think you should be getting but don’t give up on it. You may need to tweak the process from time to time to keep things fresh. But overall, you should be successful if you give it enough time to work.


Attend your company’s events.


This can be anything from a business presentation at a local hotel, all the way to the national convention. This can give you the opportunity to meet new people in your company. If you play your cards right, you could even get the chance to talk to the top money earners in the company. Think of the things that you could learn from them.


You will find that you can usually find a golden nugget or two, of knowledge, at each event. You just never know when you will learn that one thing that will help propel you to the top.





Learn from your mistakes.


Everyone has their own struggles and disappointments to go through. You will probably make a lot of mistakes along the way. These are nothing more than bumps in the road. Learn from them and move forward. There will be times that you feel like you should give up. Nothing is going your way. Nothing is working. Why bother?


This is the reason that your sponsor should have gotten you to realize what your “why” is. The reason why you are trying to build your business. The one thing that will make you want to continue to try, to never give up.


Those are the top 11 things that I would tell a newbie about. There are many other things that a new person needs to learn. If you have any suggestions or think that something else should be in the top 11 let me know below.


Otherwise, I’ll just go on thinking that I have it right!


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