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tips for holding a home meeting




There are any number of tips that I could write into this post but, these are the 15 that I think are the most important.


Be upfront about your intentions


When you ask people to attend your home meeting, you want to actually tell them what they will be seeing. There is absolutely no sense in trying to trick someone into attending. All you will accomplish with tactics like these is to build ill will. I do think that it is okay to get people to attend by “selling” the benefits of your product or service. You can use lines like, “Would you be interested in learning more about staying healthy and earning extra money each month?” Or “Would you like to see how I lost 30 pounds in 3 months?” Or “I can show you how to afford that new car that you’ve been talking about!” Just follow that up with, “I’m having a few people over to my house Thursday night at 8:00PM to talk about this. Is that good for you?”


The object is to get them to the meeting. You do not want to over hype things. You do not want to be seen as “selling” anything, other then the benefits of joining your business. People to tend shy away from sales people. They will turn you down if they thing you are going to sell them something.


I would also suggest saying something like this. “If you like what you see, we can talk about the next steps. If not, no hard feelings. Does that sound fair enough?” This will go a long way toward put them at ease and you will get more people to attend your home meeting!



Over Invite to your home meeting


Always be sure to invite more people than you think your home can hold. Odds are that 33% to 50%, or more, won’t show up at all. Things happen. Emergencies do occur. Or people will tell you one thing and do another. Get used to it! There are thing that you can do to try to increase the number of people who do show up.


confirm that your guests will be able to attend your home meeting


Always confirm the meeting with your invited guests


You’ve done your prospecting and you’ve invite someone to your home meeting. They know the day and time. Is that enough? In a word, No! On the day of the meeting be sure to call all of your invited guests and confirm that they will be there, tonight at … whatever time you have set your meeting.


Have people commit to bringing something to your home meeting


This is much easier to do with your warm market. Just ask them to bring a bag of ice or maybe bottle of soda. Something that is easy and cheap. I can’t recommend asking an unknown prospect to bring something to your home. That’s to much of an imposition.



ask people to bring something to your home meeting


The fact that your prospect has agreed to bring something, that you might actually need, increases the odds that they will show up!


Put out chairs for only 25% of the number of people invited


This might sound a bit strange. If you invite 15 people to come to your home meeting, you might get 5-10 people who actually show up. If you have 15 chairs set up and only 5 people show, it will look like your home meeting was a “bust.” Conversely, if you have 5 chairs out and 10 people show up, it will look like your meeting was a big hit. Obviously, you will want to have extra chairs ready to go.


Don’t worry about too many people showing up. It can happen. You have 10 total chairs and 15 people show up. It’ll be standing room only. Think about how good you home meeting looks to everyone there!


Have a guest sign in sheet



sign in sheet for your home meeting



I would highly recommend that you have a way to keep track of those people who do show up. This will help you keep track of everyone. Also have a way to keep track of those people you invited but, didn’t show up. Trust me, this will be extremely useful information as you go to follow up.


Keep the temperature lower than normal


You don’t want it to be too cold. Nor do you want it to be hot. I can tell you that if you get a good turnout, the temperature will begin to rise from the body heat. Turn up the air conditioner or turn down the heat. You don’t want your guests to be thinking about the room temperature.


Ask your guests to turn off their cell phones


I know this is common sense and you would think that everyone would do this, automatically. You will be surprised how many people will leave their phones on. Ask them all to turn their phones off or at least turn them to silent.


Use the “before we get started”


There is a small window, right before the presentation gets started, that your guests are still relaxed and at ease. Take advantage of this brief time. Normally, people will begin to tense up and be on their guards as soon as the presentation starts. They do not want to be “sold” anything. Why not take a moment and thank everyone for showing up. Tell them to relax and pay attention. Tell them that you are just here to give them some information and if they like what they see, you will talk to them after the meeting. If they aren’t interested, then no hard feelings. You are just here to allow them to make an informed decision. Be sure to use the phrase, “Before we get started.” This is the exact word sequence that tells their brains that it is okay to listen and not be on guard.


Start your home meeting on time



start your home meeting on time



You have guests in your home. They have shown up for your home meeting. Please respect them. Start the meeting on time. There could, very easily, be a few people who show up late. This will happen. But don’t start late and don’t start over. Whatever they missed by showing up late, they just missed it. If you feel that it is vital information for them to have in order to make a decision, then you can fill them in after the meeting.


Edify the presenter


If you have a real live presenter, then you must edify them. Edify? That means to overly compliment them. They are the greatest thing since sliced bread. They build the business like no one’s business. They are always there to help you and answer any questions that you have. Any nice thing that you can think of.


There is one caveat. Make sure that your presenter is available to anyone else that you may sponsor. This is a duplication business and you will want your presenter to be available for everyone. If you insist on using a presenter who can not be there in the future, like a visiting upline, then the job of presenting will fall on you, in the future.


A good alternative is to use your company’s DVD. You may think that it is not slick enough. Or it doesn’t do such a great job on telling about the business but, I can assure that it does a good enough job.


The best thing about the company DVD is that it is not that slick and it doesn’t do a great job at explaining things. I know it sounds counter intuitive but, you want the presentation to be easily duplicated. You want the people watching to think to themselves that they could put a DVD in the machine. How hard could this be?



using a dvd for your home meeting is fine



If you do use the company’s DVD, be sure to test out all of the audio and visual equipment beforehand. The last thing you need is to have a group of people and no way to present your opportunity!


I would also encourage you to invite other people in your company to attend your home meeting. It could be upline, downline or sideline. It doesn’t matter who they are or at what level they are. You will want them to give testimonials about the business. The “why I joined the business and why you should too,” type of testimonial. You will also want them there to answer questions that anyone might have, after the presentation. Have them wear name tags and point them out to the group as people who will answer questions, later.


The other people in your company who attend should be encouraged to bring guests of their own. They should make you aware of the number of people that they have invited. You can also work out a deal to rotate the home meeting to all of their homes, too.


Ask for their business


This is fairly self explanatory. After the presentation is over, you need to tell your guests that there are 3 different levels of participation. They can do nothing. In which case life goes on like it has for so many years or they can get involved with your company. They can become a customer. They can simply buy your products or services. They could join your company to get any kind of discounts that you company provides. In that case they will be getting the products or services at the lowest possible cost. Or they could join you as a partner. Someone who is interested in building a real residual income. Which would they like to do?


Have paper applications already printed


Most network marketing companies have online sign up pages. This is quick and easy. I would suggest that have a laptop ready to sign up people. If you can hard wire it into your computer network, then all the better.


Using a computer to sign them up is easy and it will allow you to sign up everyone, on the spot. It will also allow you to place sign ups under one another, if that be the case. This may have advantages for you and it will certainly get new recruits motivated.


When you invite people to your home meeting you can suggest that if they know anyone else would might be interested, then by all means, bring them too. Get a head count before the meeting!


You should have paper application on standby, just in case something happens to your internet connection. Have pens and clipboards to make it easy for them to fill out the paperwork!


Place marketing materials out


I’m going to combine this with serving refreshments. I would suggest having refreshments out on a table but, only for after the meeting. You could serve coffee or hot tea before the meeting, if you want. There is something psychological about having a warm cup of coffee in your hands. It tends to make you warm up to new people quicker. Sounds weird but, I read that a few weeks ago. I haven’t tried it yet.



leave out marketing materials



Your refreshments should be simple. No shrimp cocktail! Just have a couple of bags of store bought cookies out. Yes, store bought! It can just be Oreo’s and chocolate chip cookies. Nothing special. Again, this is easy to duplicate. If you have an expensive spread out, people will think that they couldn’t afford or make shrimp cocktail and therefore they can’t do the business.


The refreshments will keep your guests in your home longer.


You will want to leave out your marketing materials on the same table with the refreshments. Leave out way more than enough. Make sure that everyone, at least, gets your business card. You can leave out CDs or DVDs.  I’m sure your company has some sort of written brochures that you can use for this purpose.  Encourage everyone there to take the materials left out for them.


The power is in the follow up


Always, always, always follow up with your guests! You don’t want to hard sell them. You are just seeing what they liked about what they saw. You can answer any questions that they have at that time, as well.


Not only do you want to follow up with the people who showed up but, you also want to talk to those people who didn’t show up. You don’t want to ask them why they didn’t show up. If they volunteer that information, that’s fine. They may actually have a legitimate reason for missing your home meeting. If they do have a good reason, then you can extend another invitation to the next meeting.


If they don’t offer a good reason for missing your meeting, then you need to say something like this. “I’m really sorry that I didn’t explain the meeting well enough, to you. We had a great time. Best of all, we were able to help a lot of the people there. I do have to go, as I need to call them and help them get started on the road to success.”



the road to success



Yeah, they will be in a state of shock. I’m sure that they were all braced for a hard sell and you just took it all away from them.


They may stop you before you hang up and ask when the next meeting is or they may not. If not, just say your goodbyes. You can approach them again, in the future. They might just show up to the next home meeting that you hold.


Those are the tips that I think will be the most helpful to you. Of course there are tons of other tips that I could put in here. I may put those in a follow up post.


I hope that this motivates you to, actually, have a home meeting. They really are very effective. Good luck!


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