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Network marketing questions

network marketing questions


I hope that you noticed that I said upline and not sponsor. You probably have a 96% chance of having a sponsor that has no idea what they are doing and that number may, actually, be higher. You want to go up the line until you find someone who is doing what you want to be doing. You need to find someone who is successful.


As it turns out, most new distributors and even most experienced network marketers are not going to feel comfortable calling and talking to someone in their upline, who is successful. You have to figure that they don’t know you from Adam and they are probably really busy. Why would they talk to you, right?


While all of that could be true, the people who are successful in your upline are just waiting for someone like you to call them!


You’ve probably heard people tell you that you just need to recruit a bunch of people and work with those that stand out. Guess what? If you call the successful people in your upline, you’ll be the one who stands out from the crowd! They are there just waiting to work with you!


Think of it this way, if they help you make money they are going to be making more money, as well. If they help you make a lot of money then they will be making a lot more money, too!


Here are the top 6 questions that you should ask your successful upline.


ask your upline


I think the most important question that you can ask your upline is, “What can I do for you?” Now you may think that your upline won’t have anything that you could do for them, but you’d be surprised. Like you originally thought, they are very busy people. They might have some busy work for you to do. That’s not regular busy work. Regular busy work is something that you give someone to do to keep them busy. You do this because you don’t have anything else for them to do. The kind of busy work that they might have for is work that they just don’t have the time to do.


You want to do something for them, first. This should make them open to helping you. Well, not so much helping you, but it will make them more open to the idea of investing their time in you.


Once you’ve completed any kind of work they gave you, you need to find out if it would be okay for you to ask them some questions. “Is it okay if I ask you a few questions.” More than likely they’ll agree to that.


The next question you want to ask them is, “What were the 3 most helpful books you have ever read?” Reading books is one the the very best ways to learn about running a business. Hopefully, their answer will give you a clue as to how they have been so successful in their business.


The third question you should ask is, “What is your most successful method of generating new leads for your business?” Now you’re asking about the meat and potatoes of their business. They might be reluctant to share that information with you. Assure them that the information will stay with you and they will make more money once you start making money!


with all their knowledge


Your fourth question would be, “If you had to start all over, with all the knowledge you have now, what would you to build your business?” I really like to ask this question. Their response could be your business plan. Listen carefully and take notes!


The fifth question should be, “Who, on your team, would be a good mentor for me?” You may be able to get this person to be your mentor. More then likely they will be too busy to get in the trenches with you. Hopefully, they can recommend someone who will be able to really help you as you build your business!


I think your last question should be, “Is there anything else that you can tell me that you think will help me to build my business.” This is a very good question to ask. This will give your upline a chance to tell you anything, helpful, that you didn’t ask about yet.


Obviously, there are hundreds of questions that you could ask your upline. They are very busy people. Please don’t over stay your welcome. If you are nice, polite, grateful and brief you can ask one last question. “Is it okay if I call you again, sometime?”


keep the lines open to ask network marketing questions


Try to keep this line of communication open with your upline! This could be a goldmine of information and help.


If you are in a group that has several people who are successful, feel free to call another upline and the same questions or a few of your own. It’s always good to get a second opinion!


Good luck in your network marketing journey!


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