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My thoughts on how to train new network marketers has changed over the years. In the beginning, I taught that sponsoring new distributors was the way to go. If you want to make the big bucks, somewhere along the line you have to recruit people. As far as I am concerned, I was contributing to the failure rate on network marketing.


I made a quantum shift in my thinking, since the early days. I believe that the most important thing for every new distributor to do is to get themselves into profit as quickly as possible! It is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!


A new distributor will quit, if they aren’t making any money.


if they aren't making money they will quit


Here are the 4 things that I have my new distributors do when they first sign up.


The distributor kit, websites and products


This step may take up to a week.


The first thing I ask a newbie to do is to familiarize themselves with their distributor kit, the company replicated websites and the company’s products. As a sponsor, I take the new distributor on a guided tour of all of those things. They need to know what’s in their kit. Were there any products included? If there are products, they should begin to use them immediately! What kind of literature is in the kit? A sponsor should walk them through their replicated websites. They need to know how to place orders and fill out sponsoring “paperwork.” They also need to know how to contact the company. You’re probably not going to be “on call” all the time to answer questions for them, so having a company contact number and email is a good idea.


They should pick out several products to use themselves. This will give them some products to try to sell. They should be able to develop a good “product story” of their own, fairly quickly.


Tell your “product story” to your warm market


This step could take 30-90 days.


Your warm market is a tough place to recruit from. I’ve called the warm market, “the place new distributors go to die.” It’s not a bad place to try to sell your company’s products, though. If your company sells weight loss products and you’ve used them for a few weeks and have lost 10 pounds, your warm market will probably ask you how you did it. You can say, “It was easy. Let me tell you about it.” This should get the conversation started.


training a new distributor is critical


The goal, for the new distributor, should be getting 20-25 customers. Hopefully, that’s enough customers to get them well into profit. I also ask new distributors to be continually adding new customers.


What is your reason to make this into a business


More commonly, this is called figuring out your “Why.” I used to teach new distributors to do this first, but after thinking about it for many years, I decided that being in profit was the most critical thing to help people to be a success in this business. Once they are in profit, they can begin to see themselves in this business, for a long time. They will be able to get a clearer idea of what they really want to do with a big and profitable business.


I think that it is more reasonable to decide their “Why” when they are convinced that they are going to be able to do this business.


Feed your mind


feed your mind


I do believe in feeding your mind. You can develop self esteem and self worth by reading books. You can learn about almost any subject that you want. Some kind soul, out there, probably has written a book about the thing you would like to learn about. Whether it’s sales, advertising, marketing or anything else, there’s probably a book out there!


I suggest that every new distributor read at least 20 minutes per day and read at least 1 book per month. If they are avid readers, then by all means read as many books as they can.




There are many other things that a new distributor can do, but these are the most important. They could be taught to have a “to do” list. It should be a list of the top 5 things that need to be completed on that day. They could be asked to make a 2-5 year commitment to their business. To me, if they never get into profit, it doesn’t matter if they have made a commitment or not. They are going to quit. They could be taught how to manage their time. They can be taught how to answer objections from people who are thinking about joining the business. They can be asked to write down their goals.


If a new distributor isn’t in profit in their first 60 to 90 days, they are probably going to quit.


Then they can be trained to recruit new people into their business.


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