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Most people who join a network marketing company are not professional sales people. In fact, most people in network marketing don’t like to sell. “I don’t like to sell,” is one of the most often heard objections to joining. To answer this objection, we are taught to say that “it isn’t sales, it’s sharing.”


I agree that getting people to buy your products can be done through sharing your “product story.” If you are talking to someone in your warm market or someone who you have build a good rapport with, then you can just share your product story and get them to buy. Quite frankly, this is probably the best and easiest way to sell your company’s products. It is also a way that most people would feel comfortable selling them.


There aren’t too many people who want to be a high pressure sales person.


There are two things that we have to sell in network marketing. The second being the business opportunity.


If you have a good “business story” about how you came to join the business and how well you are doing, then just sharing that story might be good enough to get people to sign up. If you are brand new to the business or if you are not so new and you aren’t having much luck, then it will be difficult to get people to join you.


Just as an aside, I believe that the longer you go without sponsoring anyone, the harder it will be to get people to sign up. It is one thing for a new distributor to say I’m not making any money yet, but I’ve only been doing this for a few weeks. It’s something altogether different when you have to say that you’ve been in the business for 6 months or even a year and then to tell a prospect that you aren’t making any money.


Do you need training for sales?


sales training


I think that everyone who joins a network marketing company should get at least a basic education about sales. You can easily pay $2,000 or more to get a professional sales education, but I don’t think that you need to do that.


Here are the 5 steps that you need to follow in order to make a sale.


Training for sales – Building rapport


The quickest way to build rapport with a person, that you’ve just met, is to find something that you have in common and start to discuss it. I’m not a big fan of the FORM method, because it is formulaic and it comes across as salesy. The FORM method gives you 4 categories to talk about and find something in common. The 4 things are family, occupation, recreation and money.


I like to focus on family, history and hobbies. In this case, history is your life story. Where you grew and went to school and things of that nature.


The 80/20 rule applies to building rapport with someone. You should be listening 80% of the time and when you use your 20% to talk, make sure that you are asking questions. Once you have found something that you have in common, you can change the percentages to 60/40. You still want your prospect to talk more then you.


You are trying to establish credibility in the mind of the prospect and your are building trust, too.


Training for sales – Discover their problem


In this step you will be questioning them about the thing that you have in common in order to find a problem that you have the solution for.


You may have found that you both have children who about the same age. Ask if they have a plan to pay for college. If they have a daughter, do they have a plan to pay for a wedding?


paying for a wedding soon


Everyone has problems, needs and desires. It’s your job to find out what they are and offer a solution!


Training for sales – Your business presentation


Once you have discovered their problem, you can ask if they’d like to find out about a solution for that problem.


Ask, “May I make a suggestion?” This is very non threatening! Most people will say that it’s okay to suggest something. Then suggest that they take a look at a solution that you found.


I prefer using a third party tool to give a business presentation. A company produced video is great. They are professionally done and give enough information to the prospect.


There are two reasons that I like to use a company DVD. The first is that if they say, “No,” to the idea, they are saying “No” to the disc and not rejecting me. Don’t underestimate the value of avoiding rejection! The second reason is that the prospect can probably see themselves using a DVD to give a presentation and that is much easier than trying to do a presentation yourself. They will convince themselves that they can “do” this business, if it’s that easy.


Training for sales – overcoming objections


This step may be the most difficult part of the process. The prospect will give you all the reasons why they can’t see themselves joining your business. There are the standard objections.


I don’t have the time

I don’t have to the money

I don’t want to sell anything


You want to validate their objections, before you try to overcome them. You can say something like “I understand that finding the time to build a business could be a problem for you.” You should consider this to be just another problem for you to solve. You should ask this question. “If we can figure out how to find the time for you to use to build a business, would you be interested in getting started?”


If they say yes, find a solution and go for the “close.”


They may say yes, but they could add in other objections. If they have other objections, find out if you are able to solve that problem, would they be interested in getting started. You need to find out if there are any circumstances under which they’d be interested in joining.


Training for sales – closing the sale


training for sales - the close


I prefer a “soft close.” Once you’ve overcome their objections, then they have agreed, in principle, to join your business. I ask, “How soon would you like to get started?”


There is no pressure in that kind of question. They get to decide when they want to sign up. That decision is theirs and that makes them feel even more comfortable about joining you!


Training for sales – Following up


There will be those people who still have more objections. There will be those people who need to talk to a spouse or trusted friend. Or they could need more time to think about it. You do have to allow for this. You will need to contact these people at a future date.


Always validate their concerns!


You can use a “soft take away” in most cases. You can say something like:


“I understand. Take all the time you need. I wouldn’t want you to get involved in something that would be a waste of your time. Since I am going to be putting in a lot of my own time and effort to get you into profit as quickly as possible, I would want to know that this is the right opportunity for you.”


That should give them something to consider. You’re telling them that they will get into profit, with your help.


You may have heard of some or all of these steps. You may even be using some of them. These are the basics in any sales system. You can delve in deeper into any of these steps if you would like to further your education or improve in any of them.


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