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I remember when they first announced the National Do Not Call list. At first, I thought it was a scam. It had to be a way for someone else to get my phone number. After a few weeks of hearing about it, I decided that it must be real. I went online and I entered my phone numbers. A few months later, I noticed we weren’t getting any calls from telemarketers. Ah, sweet relief.


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Being on that list saved me from hanging up on a lot of telemarketers! Actually, I never really hung up on them. I thought that was rude. I just put the phone down and walked away. At least they had the chance to deliver their sales speech. I did them a favor, right?


I have my landline on the National Do Not Call list, but I never put my cell phone number in the database. Apparently, that makes me fair game. I get a fair amount of calls from telemarketers, but it’s not like to old days. Although, it’s enough to get bothersome, at times.


Let’s connect on Facebook!


I heard about this new strategy to use on telemarketers if you’re still getting calls from them.


You answer your phone and they start with the usual pleasantries. You’ll probably get a “Hello. How are you today?” kind of greeting. Then they move on to their sales script. More then likely, you won’t be interested in what they have for sale, but allow them to go through the whole thing. If they start to ask a lot of questions, then you may have to let them know that you’re not interested in what they have to offer. Just to cut them off.


Whether they try to ask a bunch of questions or get straight to the point, you’ll need to take charge of the call. This is when you get to turn the tables on them.


You ask them if they like their job. If they say yes, you tell them that you could tell that they did because they are so good at it. That’s a very nice compliment. That should put them at ease. Then you tell them that you’re not really interested in what they had to sell you, but since they are good at this job that they would be great at what you do. Obviously, you won’t have time to talk about it, on that phone call, so you suggest that you connect on Facebook. Even with them at their job, they should be able to exchange information with you so you can connect with them on Facebook.


Once you contact them on Facebook, you’ll be able to show them what you do.


People who are telemarketers are good on the phone, they have a thick skin and they probably would like to make some extra money. These are all characteristics that network marketers are looking for in their prospects.


Once you recruit a telemarketer, you may want to take your phone number off of the National Do Not Call list!



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