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Ahh, the proverbial memory jogger. It’s been a staple of the network marketing industry since the beginning. What is a memory jogger and what is it used for? A memory jogger is a sheet of paper that has listed a lot of different job titles and relationship titles. Some examples would be your sister, your brother, your cousins and people like your mailman, your attorney and your accountant.


The memory jogger is supposed to help you to remember everyone that you have ever met or known, throughout your life. This will end up being your warm market list. You are to go through the entire list and make contact with them about your business and your products.


The reason that all network marketing companies want you to start in your warm market is because it’s free to talk to those types of leads and about 80% of network marketers join the business through someone in their warm market.


I have a two step process that you can use to help you to get more referrals.


The first step is to gather information about the successful people in your company and the up and comers too. This would include those people at the highest ranks and also people who are earning a fair amount of money each month. What is a fair amount of money? Whatever amount of money that you think would impress your prospects. It could be those people making 5 or 6 figures per year or it could be just people making 6 or 7 figures per year.


look atthe social media sites for information


You need to make a list of those people and their job titles. You can go on Youtube or Linkedin and find members of your company who have listed their job in their biography and make a note of it. You can also go to all of your company events, both local and national. That would be everything from a hotel meeting all the way up to the national convention. At those meetings, talk to as many people as you can. Find out what job they have or had before joining network marketing. Pay attention to everyone who gets recognized from the stage or speaks on the stage. They will all tell your their story and it should include the type of job they have or had.


You want to have as diverse of a list as you can! Although, you don’t need to have a lot of people and their jobs on your list in order to get started with this.


Now that you have some sort of list out together, you can go to people in your warm market and ask for referrals. You have your list and that is a memory jogger with some added oomph! Most network marketers will ask for referrals by saying do you know anyone who would be interested in this. You don’t need to do that anymore.


You can use your new and improved “memory jogger” to ask for referrals with specific job titles. You can say,


Hey, I was just at a company event, the other night and I met a teacher who is making 6 figures in our company. Do you happen to know any teachers who would like to learn how to make that kind of money?”


You can keep asking for referrals as long as the person you are talking to allows you to. Just substitute a new job in there.


Do you know any accountants. I met one who is making 7 figures.”


I met a truck driver who has only been in the business for 9 months and they are making 5 figures. Do you know any truck drivers who would like to learn this business?”


You do have to be able to prove all of the information that you are sharing. Don’t make stuff up. You won’t have to do that!


I hope that you can find a way to use this new twist on the old network marketing memory jogger!


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