Do I have to go to the weekly network marketing meeting?



4 keys to your network marketing success!


keys to your network marketing success


Meetings … ugh … there are always meeting to go to in network marketing. Who likes to go to meetings? Not me! Meetings are long and boring. To get trapped at a meeting is a fate worse than death. Am I the only one who feels this way? I don’t think so.


Most network marketing companies have a weekly business plan meeting that their distributors can go to and invite guests. They are usually held in a hotel, hence the term “hotel meeting.”


Have you ever invite someone to go to a hotel meeting and they didn’t show up or had a “last minute emergency” and couldn’t go? If you invited them to a “meeting” or a “hotel meeting,” then you should know why they didn’t go. It was a meeting and no one likes to go to meetings!


First key


The first piece of advice is to stop calling it a meeting. You can call it a “business overview” or a “business strategy session.” These types of terms are less threatening and sound more interesting than a “meeting.”


Second key


The second piece of advice is don’t use these meetings as the first business exposure for your prospects. Make sure that your prospects have watched a DVD presentation or something comparable. You should be using these meetings as a way to follow up with them. The meeting should be a place for you to “close them.” There’s a lot of excitement in a room full of people! That excitement is contagious and you should be able to recruit someone there a little more easily.


At these meetings, you should always be taking notes. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time at the meeting or you’ve been to the last 50 events. You should be studying how the presenter looks, how they dress and what they say. Your notes should include everything that they say. You want to listen for the dramatic pauses and the one line jokes. The people in front of the room are the people who are trusted to “sell the opportunity” to all of the guests. You should try to pattern yourself after these people. You don’t have to memorize their presentation, but you should be able to the presentation nearly as well as they do!


Your guests will be more likely to pay attention to what is being said if you’re taking notes. It will seem like very important information. It’s so important, you’re taking notes!


take note at the network marketing meetings


Third key


The third piece of advice is that you can increase the attendance of your prospects by letting them know that there might not be room for them at the strategy session. You should make a 3 way call to your upline, who knows you might call to “get a prospect registered” for the strategy session. Your upline should get their name, address, and phone number. They should say something like, “If I can get you a seat, you’ll be able to show up, right?” Get the confirmation! Then they should say, “I can get you and a guest in for (whenever and where ever the meeting is held) and get a second confirmation.


More than likely, your prospect will say to you, “Guest?”


This is where you say, “Yes, this can be a money making opportunity for you. If you invite someone to the meeting and they sign up, you can make X number of dollars there. That would be cool, wouldn’t it?” Who’s going to say no to that?


This will be your first chance to train them. You’ll want to give them the words to say to a friend who they will be inviting to the strategy session. They should say something like, “I was just invited to a business strategy session with my friend Bob. I know it’s last minute, but I might be able to get you in. Would you be able to go? It’s tomorrow night at 7:00 pm.” Then have them call you to see if there is enough room for their guest. Again, get their contact information. If they bring their guest, all the better. You never know, you might just sign up two people that night. At the end of the meeting, your prospect could say, “I’m going to do this, how about you?”



Fourth key


The fourth piece of advice is to never let them know that there is a meeting every week. As far as they know, this is the only time that they get to see this information. If they know that there is a weekly meeting, they won’t see the value in it and they’ll tell you that they’ll “make it to the next meeting.” We all know how that works out!


You should be going to every one of the meetings that your company has. Even if you don’t have guests there, you should go. Your team will be watching you and if you don’t go, they’ll believe that it is all right not to go. Filling up that room is very important. A full room gives your prospects the idea that your opportunity is very popular. It will give them the social proof that they need to sign up. They don’t want to think that they are the only one who is interested in the business.



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