Why not you?


You can be successful in network marketing!


success in network marketing takes these 4 things


Have you ever gone to a local hotel meeting and looked around at the big money makers who are there? Or maybe you’ve been to your company’s national convention and seen the top money earners. Have you ever wondered what they have that you don’t? I know I have.


There’s only one thing that they have that you probably don’t have and that’s experience.


There are 4 things that you need to be as successful as some of the top money earners in your company.


You’ll need knowledge, practice, application and longevity.


The good news and bad news is that knowledge is probably the easiest of the bunch to get. It’s good news because it is so easy to get and it’s bad news because it’s easy to get and you probably haven’t got it yet.


When you first join the network marketing industry, you probably had no idea what to do or how to do it. It seemed like everything that you tried had the exact opposite effect than what you were expecting. That just meant that you didn’t know what you were doing or if you were doing the right thing, you were doing it incorrectly. Unfortunately, most people take this as a sign that they shouldn’t be in the business and they either quit their company or they leave the industry.




How do you get the knowledge that you need? You might be able to find someone in your upline who would be willing to mentor you. That’s the best place to get it. That kind of person has been successful and done it within the same company and with the same products. It has been my experience that most new distributors are uncomfortable talking to anyone much above their own sponsor. I would highly encourage you to go as far up the line as you can. You will find someone who will help you. You may be thinking that you’re going to be wasting their time. Trust me, they won’t let you waste their time. If you are willing to work, they’ll be willing to help you. If they see you as someone who will waste their time, they’ll refer you to someone else.


You can also read books, listen to CDs, attend a webinar, buy someone’s course or any number of other avenues to learning how to run your business. You just have to have enough money and have the willingness to invest it into yourself and your business.




Practicing is probably one of the most difficult things to get people to do. They learn something that they think will help them build a business and they want to run right out and try it on someone. They do not want to waste any time on practicing.


Practicing is one of the most important things that you can!


practice your network marketing skills


If you took any kind of music lessons, when you were young, you were asked to practice what you’d learned at that lesson. Most of us never really did what they asked. Since we refused to practice we never got any better. We ended up quitting. The same thing will happen in your network marketing business if you refuse to practice!


Remember that practice doesn’t really make perfect, but it does make improvements!




After you’ve gotten better at whatever skills and knowledge that you’ve practiced, it’s time to apply them “in the field.” This is where you build real world experience. This is where you find out if all of your hard work has paid off. You’ll get feedback as you actually use what you’ve learned and you’ll know what you need to adjust, if anything.




Being able to last long enough, in this business, is critical to your success. The typical network marketer will quit their business in the first 90 days. The atypical network marketer will quit in the next 90 days. Yes, it really is that bad.


The network marketing business is very difficult. It will take most people many years to build up a large business. You must be prepared to get rich very slowly. Make a commitment to stay in your business for how ever long it takes to be successful. Keep learning, keep practicing and use what you learn.


To me, the key to longevity is to get your business into profit as quickly as possible. It’s a lot easier to stay in business when you are actually making money every month.


Why not you, right?


The top earners and other assorted gurus aren’t anything special. They were just willing to do these 4 things. If you’re willing to do them, then there is no reason why you can’t be a top earner as well!



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