The #1 reason people will fail in network marketing


Will you find success in network marketing?


will you find success in network marketing


Unfortunately, a lot of people will fail in network marketing. In fact, most people who join a network marketing business will fail. There are probably almost as many reasons for these failures as there are people who joined the business. I want to go over a few of the main reasons why people fail.


One of the main reasons people will fail in their network marketing business is that they lack the commitment needed to be a success. The new network marketer signs up and they have dollar signs in their eyes. They can smell that new car smell. They can feel the sun beating down on them at their new beachfront home. They can taste the time freedom that they so desperately want! The bad news is that more than likely they quit before they ever get started. Some of them will last a bit longer, but most of them won’t stick to the commitment that they should have made, in the beginning.


Network marketing is neither easy nor is it quick. It will take time and it will take a solid, long-term commitment from anyone who wants to find success.


Another of the key reasons that people will fail in network marketing is that they lack the necessary skills. Most distributors will tell their new recruits that all they have to do is talk to people. While that may be partly true, I can tell you that not all words are created equally. If all words were equal, you could walk up to someone and ask them, “Hey, would you like to join my network marketing business?” If you’ve been in the business for more than 5 minutes, you know that those words won’t get anyone into your business.


Recruiting in network marketing is more about finesse and creating curiosity. Finding the right words that will work for you isn’t as easy as they say it is.


finding the right words to use in network marketing


Another reason that people fail is that they haven’t found the right company to work with. A seasoned network marketing professional may be able to move to a new company with any kind of product and they’d still do very well. They’ve learned the skills that they need to be successful wherever they go. This isn’t the case for the new distributor. They need to have a strong enough belief in the company, their compensation plan and maybe most importantly, the company’s products or services. Without a strong belief in those things, most network marketers will shrivel up and be blown away by the first negative person they run into.


It’s much easier for a new distributor to share what they have when they have a strong belief in the company, their products, and their compensation plan!


Here is the #1 reason why most people will fail in their network marketing business … They just don’t do the work. It’s going to take a lot of work to earn your success in network marketing! Most people who come to this business want something that is fun and easy. It can be fun, but I doubt that it will be easy. That’s the stumbling block. Once the new network marketer finds out that it will take work and not just work, but a lot of work, they usually quit. They already have a job that they have to work hard for. Adding in a business on top of that is tough and a lot more work than most people are willing to do.


If someone wants to be successful in network marketing, they will need to find the right company with the right products or service. They will need to learn the skills needed to be successful. Then they will need to make a commitment to do the work that’s necessary. None of this is easy to do, but if they can do those things it will be well worth it!



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