The 3 things I like best about network marketing


Why do you like network marketing?

do you like network marketing

It seems that most people like the fact that they are finally working for themselves when they join a network marketing business. For me, I was already self employed and have been for over 30 years. When I signed up with my network marketing company it wasn’t just to own my own business model.


The first thing is that you can make money from the efforts of other people. Yes, you can make money off of the efforts of other people, in a different type of business. They are called employees. The problems with employees are too numerous to list here. Let’s just say that if you don’t have employees now, then don’t go out of your way to get any. You have to pay them no matter how productive they are … or aren’t.


Can you imagine finding someone to work at your job and every pay day you get a little bit of extra money just for having found them? How cool would that be? I’d be out there looking for good help for the company!


In network marketing, you don’t get paid just for bringing someone into the business. Well, maybe some do, but it’s just a one time payment. If that person decides to go out and sell of your products, then you get paid and you can be paid forever or at least the life of the client.


Which brings me to my second reason for liking network marketing. I like the fact that you can generate residual income. Residual income is income that can be generated and regenerated every month without having to do more work. As long as a customer continues to buy the products, you will continue to get paid. It doesn’t matter if you made the original sale or if someone that is you brought into the business made the sale, you just keep getting paid.


The third thing that I like best about network marketing is that you can get training on how to run your business.


network marketing is a great opportunity


I remember when I first opened my other business. It is a home cleaning service.


I was working for another company and they trained me how to do a professional home cleaning, but as far as being able to run the business, I was on my own. When I decided to go out on my own, I knew that I wouldn’t be getting any help from my former employer. I was now their competition. I muddled through and I did okay.


When I joined a network marketing company, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the upline was willing and able to help teach me how to get started. They actually had an incentive to help me. They knew that if I started making money that they would get their share in bonuses. Try to find someone who will help you out in any other business. Unless you are willing to pay them, they probably won’t have much interest in helping you.


To sum this up, the 3 things that I like best about network marketing are the fact that you can get paid off of the efforts of those people that you have sponsored into the business. You don’t just get paid for the work that you do. You only have to do the work once and you could get paid forever. If you find someone who is a customer forever, then you’ll get paid every time that they buy something. Lastly, you’re not in business by yourself. You can choose to get help and training from your upline or you can choose to forge your own path. It’s up to you.


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