The 3 Little Pigs and network marketing


A network marketing business needs

to be built on a firm foundation!


build network marketing business on a firm foundation


The story of the 3 Little Pigs is a very well known fairy tale. I’m going to stick with the original version and not the toned down version that Walt Disney did. The original is a bit more intense and probably wasn’t suitable for small children, which is probably why Disney changed the story.


It tells the story of a single mother raising 3 Little Pigs. The Little Pigs grow up and their mother decides that it’s time for them to go out into the world and make their fortunes. She probably wanted them out of the house because they were eating her out of house and home.


The 3 Little Pigs go on their merry way. They find a nice spot to build their homes and they do just that. They must have been a close family because they all built their homes within walking distance from each other.


The first Little Pig is in a hurry to go out and play so he decides to build his home out of hay. At least it would be a roof over his head, but would it stand up to the rough weather that they could get?


The second pig looked at the first pig’s house and snickered. He just knew that the first gust of wind would knock that kind of house down. He decided to build his home out of sticks. Yes, it would be stronger than the house made out of hay, but was it built to last?


The third pig had watched both of his brothers build their homes. He felt bad for both of them because he knew that neither home would stand up through the tough times and rough weather. The third pig decided to build his home on a firm foundation and he would build it to last. He called Acme Brick Company and ordered enough bricks for his home. It took him a while, but when it was finished he knew he had the best house. His brothers had been playing the whole time that the third pig was building his beautiful home.


Yes, they just laughed and laughed at him for wasting his time building such a nice home. They had so much fun playing while he toiled. Unfortunately, that third pig would get the last laugh.


2 of the 3 little pigs?


In the original story, the big bad wolf shows up at the doors of the first two pigs and says,


Little pig, little pig, let me come in.”


The first pig says, “No, no, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin.”


The wolf replies, “Then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house in.”


He blows down the first pig’s house and eats him. Then he goes to the second pig’s home and does the same thing. The first 2 pigs weren’t able to survive the bad things that came up in life. They were too busy having fun and playing to make a plan and build a house that would be strong enough to stand up to things like the big bad wolf.


The wolf didn’t have as much luck with the third pig. He is unable to blow down the house and he decides to go down the chimney to get to the pig. The third pig was ready for him and had a pot of boiling water ready at the bottom of the chimney. The wolf falls into the pot and third pig cooks the wolf and eats him.


Yes, it’s a very violent fairy tale the way it was originally written!


How does this relate to network marketing?


network marketers will face rough times


Every network marketer will face at least some adversity during their career. People won’t join your business when you just knew they would. Those that do join won’t do much, if anything, with it. The people who are willing to build something are just as likely to take their group and go to another company that seems to have a better compensation plan. You will face tough times and adversity.


All network marketers need to be prepared for things like those that as they will come into their business.


Are you going to build a business that’s made out of hay or sticks? Or will you go to the trouble of properly planning your business? Will you build it on a firm foundation? A foundation that’s made out of self improvement and self development?


Most network marketers are like the first 2 pigs. They are way too busy to go to that much trouble. They want to do things like watching TV or going to a baseball game. They don’t want to build their business out of the bricks of consistent and effective actions. They want to go the easy route.


Unfortunately, the easy route usually leads to destruction. Just ask the first 2 Little Pigs!


Which kind of “pig” are you going to be?



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