The 4 biggest mistakes you are making in your network marketing business


Don’t make these 4 mistakes


don't make these 4 mistakes


You can call me crazy, if you want! I just see things a little bit different than most people. Some of the following mistakes you may have seen before. Others may have you baffled. Your first reaction might be to say, “That’s stupid,” but please read the whole article. You might just walk away a little more prepared to find success than when you got here.


Mistake #1


Not selling your company’s products


I believe that everyone should join their network marketing company because of the products that it has for sale. You should be in love with their products and want to share them with everyone you meet. You should be able to tell your warm market about it, because it is the greatest little widget the world has ever seen. If you don’t have that kind of passion for your company’s products, then I’d suggest finding another company!


Why would anyone want to sell their company’s products? Because I believe the biggest reason that people quit their business is that they aren’t making any money! In fact, most of them are losing money.


Getting yourself into profit should be your main objective. The easiest and quickest way to do that is to sell your company’s products.


Mistake #2


Treating your business like it is a business


treat it like a job


Yes, you may want to read that heading again. It does say that you shouldn’t treat your business like a business! Most gurus will compare your business to a hobby. I don’t think that comparing a business to a hobby is the proper comparison. Most people take their hobbies very seriously. A shutterbug will spend thousands of dollars and hours and hours buying the right camera and taking pictures. A stamp collector will buy an extremely rare stamp and use a magnifying glass to admire their purchase.


New network marketers usually have no idea how to run a business. Telling them to treat their business like a business has little to no meaning for most of them. Telling them to be their own boss is a better idea. That way they can treat their business like it’s a job.


They are their own boss. They need to figure out what needs to be done each day and make sure that their 1 employee, themselves, gets it done.


Mistake #3


Not going to your company’s meeting


I always wondered why there are so many meetings to go to in network marketing. It seems like every time you turn around, you have to go to another meeting. Then it finally dawned on me that there is another part of this business. It’s not just a marketing business, it is also a networking business.


don't make this mistake go to the meetings


Here is my suggestion. There are a few people who like to go to all these meetings, but most distributors would rather stay home and do whatever it is they do while there is a meeting. Why not go to the meetings and talk to other distributors? You can meet someone new and ask them how their business is going. If it sounds like they are actually building a business, then you follow it up with, “What’s working for you, these days?”


A lot of the time, people won’t share their “secrets,” but you’d be surprised at how many people will be happy to help you.


You should also ask them if they know anyone else at the meeting. This is how you network with other distributors!


Mistake #4


Not reading every day


I find that most people are way too busy to read a book. Please learn to make the time to read every day! You only need to find 20 minutes. You can do that, right?


read books to make improvements to yourself


If I could offer you one more suggestion for building your business, it would be to write down all the reasons why you can’t build your business. Then go to the library or Amazon and find a book on how to over come that “problem.”


Things that people tend to write down are:


“I don’t know how to sell.”

You can find books on how to sell.

“I can’t generate new leads.”

Find a book on lead generation.


That will take care of the skills that you will need. Don’t forget that you also need to work on yourself. You should also read books on self esteem, self worth and mindset changes. You must believe that you can and that you deserve to make a lot of money, if you are actually going to make a lot money!


Of these 4 mistakes, the most important one is not getting yourself into profit as quickly as you can. If you get into profit, you will have the time that you need to do the rest of these things!


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