There are 4 types of people on your network marketing team


Who’s on your network marketing team?


4 types in network marketing


I was in one of the Facebook groups that I am a member of today. I like to stay in touch with other network marketers so I can see what they are up to and what’s working for them. One of the members had posted a comment and I have to share it here. I wish I could take credit for it, but it was posted by a woman named Jessica Warren.


The Weasel – This is an individual that attempts to ruin the morale and brings more problems and negativity than solutions. They use terms like “we think,” “we want to know,” “we’ve been talking.” They put the “we” in “weasel.” They are looking to band with other weasels because they can’t hack it in network marketing. What do you do to a weasel in your garden?

The Whiner – This individual is constantly whining about not selling, claims no one’s listening, and they can’t find new people to talk to. The difference between the whiner and the weasel is that the whiner is not a threat to your business. They just need to be paired up with someone that is getting the results to build up their belief system in themselves.

The Worker – This individual makes up about 80% of your organization. They get results, but just enough to stay active and not really looking to be on stage or recognized. They are good for doing their job but don’t expect them to do more than asked because they are comfortable where they are. They are just excited to be on the team.


The Warrior – These are the individuals that are self-starters, don’t need to be supervised, never ask for advice and they just get things done. They get results and ask later what the commissions were. They are front-runners, love the spotlight, and bring solutions to the table. They have no time to talk about problems because they are too busy making $hit happen. You need more warriors on your team because they bring enthusiasm and optimism where there’s a lack of belief.


There you have Jessica’s list of the 4 types of people in your network marketing organization.


In my opinion, there are 2 other groups of people on your network marketing team. The first would be all the people who joined and never did anything with the business. That group will be about 90% to 95% of all the people that you ever recruit. Most of those will quit the business and really won’t be a member of your team.


The second group of people, that Jessica didn’t mention, are the product users. Those people will stay on your team just to get the discount on the products. I don’t know what percentage of your group they will comprise, but it will be a bunch of them. That’s a good thing because you will need a lot of product users to build up a nice residual income!


(For full disclosure: I made a few changes to the original post. I changed the word “MLM” to “network marketing.” I added the word “The” in front of each type of person. I also move some commas and added a few periods, just to make easier to read some parts of it. Otherwise, it’s the work of Jessica Warren.)


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