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What group of distributors are you in?


network marketing distributors



If you think about it, you can break down all of the distributors in network marketing into 5 main groups. I’m not sure that this is helpful in any way, but it is something that I’ve noticed. I do find it funny that most people that I’ve talked to about being in network marketing told me that their goal was to be a top earner in the company or to be making at least $100,000 per year. However, after the dust settled, people wind up in one of these categories.


Buyers for personal use


There are many people who really just love the products and would like to get them at a wholesale price. They never intended to build a business or even to sell the products to friends and family members. They want to get the products each month and not to be bothered after that. I can understand this. They tried the products and liked them and they don’t want to be any more involved than that. They get to save some money and the person who brought them into the business will have a permanent and happy customer/distributor for life.


Small time players


The small time players are those people who not only wanted the wholesale price on the products, but they also wanted to try to get them for free. These distributors are looking to “find 3 and yours are free.” They probably have no more interest in the building side of the business, but you can ask them if they’d like to continue to look for customers.




These types of distributors could be people who had higher aspirations, but never made it to the top or they could be people who are just starting out on their network marketing journey. They are people who are making a few hundred dollars per month to a few thousand dollars per month.




network marketers


Managers are distributors who are building a business. They have a bunch of front line people working with them. They are probably making between $3,000 and $7,500 per month. They are on their way to the big time, if they can continue to build their organization.


Business builders


These are the people who have reached to top levels and are making $10,000 per month or more. They have put in the work and have earned their spot among the elite of your company.


There is nothing wrong with any of these groups of distributors. If you are going to be building a large business, you’ll need to find many people to occupy all of these categories. They will fill out your volume and they will make sure that your check is growing.


This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a Business builder who is currently in the Rep category. In fact, most of your Business builders are probably working their way through the ranks, right


Your job is to identify them and help them to grow their business. Their success adds to your success!


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