Here is the $64,000 question



Are men better at network marketing?



is a man better at network marketing than a woman?



I came across a surprising statistic a while back. Did you know that 80% of all network marketers are women? I had no idea.



I was remind of this fact, a few days ago, when I read a blog post written by my good friend Chuck Holmes. You can find his article here. “Why you should recruit more women into your MLM business.”



I was surprised that the demographics were skewed that much in favor of women. I would’ve thought that it would’ve been 50-50 or even that there were more men, in network marketing, than women.



Live and learn, right?



After I saw that statistic, I wondered what percentage of the top earners, in MLM, were women. I was finally able to track down that number It is equally surprising. Women make up about 5%-10% of the top earners in MLM. My first reaction to that number …?



Why is it that so few women make it to the top levels of MLM?



women in network marketing



I would’ve thought that if women are 80% of the network marketers, in the business, that they would be 80% of the top earners as well. Wow! I was wrong!



I wish I had an explanation for this phenomenon. I really can’t think of any reason for it.



Chuck says that you should recruit more women into your business. I can see doing that if you want to increase the percentages of people who say yes to joining your business. It seems that, all things being equal, that you stand a better chance of recruiting a woman than you do of recruiting a man.



Here’s my $64,000 question.



If you recruit a man, do you have better odds of that recruit being a heavy hitter?



is a man more likely to impact your income in network marketing?



Will he make a larger impact on your income, than a woman would?



If you go by the numbers, they would seem to say that if you want better odds of recruiting someone, then recruit a woman, but you stand a better chance of finding someone who will go the top if you recruit a man.



Am I think about this incorrectly?



who is actually better at network marketing?



Does anyone have an explanation or a comment about all of this?



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