7 rules to keep your network marketing business moving forward


Are there really rules in network marketing?


are there rules in network marketing


No, not really. You can run your business anyway you want. With that in mind, let’s not call them rules. Let’s call them suggestions! Let’s start over.


7 suggestions to keep your network marketing business moving forward


Is that better?


Suggestion #1:


Write down your daily goals and your longer term goals. The daily goals should be those that will move you from where you are, to where you want to be. Always set a time limit on achieving your goals. You can adjust the time deadline if you get to it and you haven’t reached your goal.


Suggestion #2:


Take daily action! Network marketing is a business of momentum. Once you get into action, it is easier to stay in action. If you work every other day, you aren’t building momentum. In fact, it’s a lot like starting over every day. Once you are taking daily action, it will get easier to stay in action. Even a part time network marketer can find 30-90 minutes a day to work on their business.


Suggestion #3:


Get yourself into profit as quickly as possible. The best and most sustainable way to do this is by selling your company’s products. This does several things. Most importantly, you will be making money. The income from your product sales could very well be residual income, you’ll only need to do that work once and get paid forever. In an industry where 97% of distributors aren’t making any money, someone who is profitable is a rare thing indeed. It also gives you a pool of people to upgrade to distributors.


Suggestion #4:


be persistent in network marketing


Be steady. Be patient. Be persistent. All network marketers should be doing something to move their businesses forward, every day. Also, realize that for most network marketers it take many years to build a large business. The people who built a big business in 6 months or 12 months are the exceptions and not the rule. There are way more people who took 3-5 years or even 8-10 years to reach the top level of their company’s compensation plan. Stick with it long enough and you could find yourself as a top earner. Don’t ever quit. Now matter how difficult it gets you have to stick it out. It will pay off, eventually.


Suggestion #5:


It’s okay to make mistakes. Everyone is going to make some mistakes along the way. Even people like Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison and many of our politicians have made mistakes along the way. Steve Jobs introduced many products that were total flops. Like the Apple 3, Lisa and the Cube. Thomas Edison wanted household electricity to be DC instead of AC. Yeah, Tesla won that argument! Our politicians are famous for their mistakes and there are too many of them to mention here.


As long as you are willing to learn from your mistakes and not make them again, you’ll be okay!


Suggestion #6:


Build strong relationships. This can be with customers and prospects, but I would say that building relationships with other network marketers is more important. Make as many friends, within the industry, as you can. They can offer support, friendship and advice. You can’t beat a good support network.


Suggestion #7:


invest in your network marketing education


Invest and reinvest. Invest in yourself and your education. However you choose to develop and increase your self esteem and your self worth, the investment will be worth every penny. Most people will end up getting paid exactly what they feel they are really worth. This is not to say that if you say to someone that you’re worth a million dollars that you’ll get paid $1,000,000. Everybody says that! I’m talking about deep down inside you have a picture of yourself and if that person is worthy of $1,000,000 then fine, eventually you will be paid that much. Unfortunately, most people don’t really see themselves like that.


Reinvest some of your profits back into your business. It’s nice and cheap to run your business by word of mouth, but if you want to turbo charge your business buy some ad space and have people call you for a change. This makes life and business so much more enjoyable. You’ll only talk to people who have, at least, some interest in what you are doing.


Those are 7 tips that should help you with your business. Follow them and you should be moving forward and building the business that you’ve always wanted!


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