The 7 top things that will kill your network marketing business


7 Network marketing killers


don't kill your network marketing business


Everyone comes into their network marketing business thinking that they are going to be super successful. Who can blame them. Your sponsor made it look so easy, when they showed you the plan. You only have to recruit 6 people into the business and you’re good to go. If only it was really that easy!


This is where the list of the 7 business killers begins.


Lack of knowledge


After you’ve seen your company’s business presentation, you probably walked away thinking, “How hard could that be?” Your sponsor has given you a false sense of reality. There are a set of skills that you will need to have, in order to be a success in the network marketing business or any other business.


If someone recruited you into being a doctor, you wouldn’t know how to do much of anything in that field, right. Or if they recruited you into being an auto mechanic, you probably would have limited knowledge of what to do to fix things.


It’s no different in network marketing. Learn the skills that you need to run a successful business!




The reason most people get into a business is to make money. There is no bigger reason people get out of business than the fact that they aren’t making any money. In most cases, running a business is fairly expensive. There are all sorts of activities that you will do that you will need to pay for.


making money in network marketing


How long can anyone stay in business, if they have expenses and they aren’t generating enough income to at least pay for them?


Get yourself into profit as soon as you can!




When a business owner first gets started, they are a 1 person operation. They aren’t just an owner, they are head of advertising, they are the lead customer service agent and the do the accounting. New business owners have the belief that no one else can do that particular task as well as they could do it. While that may or may not be true, there are tasks that are $8.00 per hour tasks and tasks that are $100.00 per hour tasks. All of the tasks need to get done, but they don’t all have to be done by the business owner. The best things a business owner can do is to rid themselves of the $8.00 per hour tasks and hire someone else to do them. This will free up their time to do the $100.00 per hour tasks.


It’s way too easy to get focused on tasks that someone else could do for you.




Being able to multitask is a myth. The human mind can only focus on thing at a time. What multitasking really is is moving on to something else before you finished the original thing. What usually happens is that the original thing never gets finished because the business owner forgets about it.


multitasking is a myth


If you start a task, finish it before you move onto the next task. It is better to finish one thing in a day then it is to have started 10 things and finished none of them!




Being organized will help you to know where everything is. There is nothing so frustrating as losing something important. This slows you down and cost you time. It’s true what they say, time is money!


A business owner should have an organized work area and an organized life.


Time management


A business owner can’t really manage time. You can only manage what you do during the time that you have allotted for your business. If you don’t have a plan for what you are going to do during that time, you will end up wasting the time.


manage your time in network marketing


Designate how much time you are going to spend on the daily tasks that need to be done. Stick to that plan as best as you can. Allot more time for the things that will move you closer to profitability!




There are any number a fears that a business could face. Fear of rejection, fear of disappointment or fear of failure. Anyone of these fears can kill a business. It’s very difficult to conquer fears. Which kind of explains why most people fail at or quit the business.


A business owner needs to face their fears and do what needs to be done, in spite of being afraid. Once you face your fears you will realize that those situations are not as scary as you once thought they would be.




The 3 most important things that you can do to improve your chances of success are to learn the skills of the business, push through your fears and get into profit as soon as you can. The other 4 things will help you to streamline your business, save you time and allow you to focus your time on the tasks that will generate you the most money.


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