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The average network marketer will join one day and be out of the business within their first 90 days or so. Yes, there will be people who last longer than that and then end up quitting down the road, but statistics say that most people will be gone, eventually.


Now you have to ask yourself one question. Are you going to be average or not? I hope that you said “No,” to that question! If you’ve decided that you will ride out the highs and the lows, if you’ve decided that quitting isn’t an option and if you are willing to do all the work that is required, then you may experience all of these important days during your career.


Here is my list of the 9 most important days in the life of a successful network marketer.


The day they join


The day a successful network marketer signs up with their company is a great day. They are filled with hope and dreams. They have great enthusiasm and can’t wait to get started. They get their distributor kit and they are off to the races.


The day they get their first customer


This is an exciting day for them. They are in the process of proving to themselves that they can really do this business. If they can get 1 customer, then they can get 100 customers. Their belief in the business and themselves is growing.


The day they get their first distributor


This may be the most exciting day for them. This shows them that they can build a team. Their belief is skyrocketing. Now they know they can realize their dreams and goals and they know that network marketing is the vehicle to get them there.


The day they reach the break even point in their business


This is probably the most important day for the successful network marketer, financially speaking. Once they reach the break even point, they know that they can stay in this business for as long as is necessary to become successful. The break even point is reached when a network marketers income is the same as their business expenses.


They can use the break even point as a barometer of how the rest of their team is doing. The more distributors, in their downline, that have reach this point the more likely that they will be successful.


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The day they get their first $1,000 check


The road to getting a $1,000 check is longer and more difficult than the anything else. Once they get that check, you’ll know that the sky’s the limit for them. It’s somewhere around this time that a network marketer will reach the tipping point in their business. The tipping point is when their team has achieved momentum and to build their business is like rolling a car downhill. There’s just no stopping it!


The day they get their first $10,000 check


This is the day that most network marketers dream about. They have reached their ultimate goal for their business. This kind of success will open many doors for them. This isn’t the end, it’s just a new beginning.


The day that someone in their downline gets their first $1,000 check


This day is very important to them. It shows that the team is going to be successful. It tells them that they have done their job and are helping their downline to be successful too. This will help to ensure the successful network marketer’s long term success and income.


They day that someone in their downline gets their first $10,000 check


This may be the ultimate thrill for the successful network marketer. Seeing that someone in their downline was able to duplicate their own success is amazing!


The day that they create new goals for themselves


After a successful network marketer experiences all 8 of these days, it may seem like there is nothing left for them to do. Without new goals, the network marketer runs the risk of having their business die a slow death.


Business is all about movement, momentum and reaching goals.


That’s my list of the 9 most important days in the life of a successful network marketer. Where are you on this list?


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