Accountability in network marketing


Who is responsible for getting the work done?


network marketing takes work


Well, frankly, you are. It’s your business and it’s all up to you to build it. That’s not to say that someone in your company won’t help you to get started. If you’re lucky you’ll get some sort of training. I would hope that your sponsor would be able to help you, but that’s not always the case.


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One of the most difficult things to do, as a new business owner, is to know what to do and when to do it. Your new business only has 1 employee and that’s you. There is no boss. There’s just you, to run the show. That means that there will be no one telling you what to do or when to do it. You don’t have anyone to answer to. On the surface, that may seem like a good thing, but if you aren’t used to running a business it is a double edged sword.


Double edged sword?


You are your own boss, but you are your own boss. You only have yourself to answer to. You will have to make yourself do everything.


If you have been self employed before, this isn’t a change for you. You might be able to enjoy the same success, in network marketing, that you have had in your current business endeavor.


The problems come if you have never owned a business before. Some people are able to discipline themselves enough to run a business while others won’t. Is there a solution for this?


Yes! You can join or create an accountability group or find one other person to partner with in order to have at least one person to answer to.


find a group to join or start your own


Why would you need someone to be accountable to? It’s simply to make sure that you are doing the things that you need to be doing. To make sure that you are making yourself do everything.


If you wake up Monday morning and say to yourself that you are going to talk to 10 people that week, and something happens on Tuesday that makes it impossible to talk to anyone, what do you do? Do you forget about your plan? Some people will do just that. You can see evidence of this in any group of dieters. Someone in the group will “cheat” on their diet and figure, “What the heck. My diet is over and now I can eat like I want to.” One bump in the road and they crash and burn.


What if that dieter had a group of people that they were accountable to? Maybe they meet every day or even once a week. They know that if they go crazy they will have to answer to the group. Are they more motivated to continue their diet? I would think so.


If you have ever been to a Weight Watchers meeting or heard about them, you’ve probably seen this in action. Anyone who has “cheated” on their diet that week gets the support and consolation of the group. They are told that it was just a bump in the road and not to give up.


The same thing will hold true for an accountability group, in network marketing. If the network marketer said that they would talk to 10 people that week and they only talk to 1, the group is their to offer their support and encouragement and any kind of help they might need.


Even if you only have 1 person to be accountable to, it will benefit you greatly.


you'll need accountability in network marketing


I would suggest that you find a group of people to work together in this. You should meet once per week, as a full group, but also break down the group into pairs. These partners should meet or talk to each other on a daily basis.


All of the partners should be meeting on a daily basis until they have developed the habit of actually doing what they say they will do. Then they can meet once a week with each other.


You can use a conference call for this accountability meeting, in case there are members who are out of town.


Make sure that there is someone that will hold your feet to the fire! Someone that will help you and encourage you. It is way to easy to slip up and forget to do something that you want to and then just stop. You may not think that it could happen to you, but it can. Find an accountability group today!


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