Is action really the key to success in network marketing?



Lights, camera …  Action!



Is taking action the key to success in network marketing?



success in network marketing



I’ve written about success in network marketing several times, on this blog. I’ve always advocated taking action, well effective action, as the key to success. Long term, consistent and effective action, that is.



Over this past weekend, I got to talk to several network marketers. I always like the exchange of ideas and of course, opinions. The general topic of conversation was how to be successful in network marketing. Isn’t it always?



As we talked, we all recounted other attempts at network marketing. We talked about our failures and had a good laugh at some of thing that we had tried. Mostly, we just got mad at the old companies, old sponsors and finally, we took responsibility and realized that we failed, because of us.



It turns out that, between us, we had tried 19 different companies. We had varying degrees of success. I have to smile as I write that as we failed almost every time.



The one thing that we agreed on was that we all had taken action, at least in some of those ventures.



Why didn’t we succeed?



Sometimes “a little action” leads to failure.



is action the key to success in network marketing?



Wait, that doesn’t make sense. I thought action was the key to success. What gives?



What happens when you take “a little action” in this business?



You, very quickly, find out that most people don’t have any interest in owning their own business. Sure they all want the big house, the nice car and all the things that the money could buy for them, but they have no desire to do the type of work that needs to be done, to accomplish this.



Getting all of the “Nos” is disheartening, to say the least. How many times can you hear the word “No” before you decide that you can’t do this business and quit?



I know that you’re thinking, “That’s not long term, consistent and effective action.” To that, I’d say, you’re absolutely right. It is reality, though.



I’m saying that “a little action” can lead to quitting.



quitting won't help you find success in network marketing



My second comment was actually in the form of a question. I was always a Jeopardy fan.



What makes someone take action beyond those initial rejections?



Let me explain my answer by telling you a story.



I know of a guy who didn’t find success in network marketing until he was in his 9th company. That’s right, 8 failures in a row. I know that he took action every time. He burned out his warm market. If they saw him coming down the street, they’d turn and go the other way. Literally!



What was it that changed that in his 9th company he found success?



Did he find the Holy Grail of network marketing? Maybe.



if you find the Holy Grail, let me know



Or did something else happen?



I proposed a few thoughts on this.



Did they finally end up where they just didn’t care what anyone thought of them anymore? Did they stop caring if people said “No” to them about the business and products? Did they make up their minds that they were going to build the business no matter what?



I think that this has a great deal to do with success.



If you just don’t care what other people think of you, then you are more likely to take long term, consistent and effective action.



To sum this up.



A little action can lead to failure, as you will get a lot of people who want nothing to do with you, your business or your products. Once you realize that the opinions of other don’t really mean anything, then you can push through “the wall,” where most people quit and then you continue to work towards your goals!



To your success in network marketing!



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