Who can afford to retire?


Will you be able to retire at age 65?


can network maketers affod to retire at 65



I got an email from another network marketer who I have following for 3 or 4 years now. He’s a smart guy for sure. I’m sure he would love for me to mention his name, but I’m not. I have to find fault in some of things that he had to say. I’ll tell you what he had to say and then tell you what I think about it all.


Most people have no plan of any kind to build wealth or achieve success.


I actually had to agree with what he had to say here. Most people seem to wonder through life with no real destination in mind. It’s not that they don’t want to reach a goal, it’s that they have no plan to get to where they want to go.


John Lennon said it best: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”


One day you wake up and realize that half your life is over and all you’ve managed to accomplish is to pay the bills every month.


Most people who start a business FAIL.


I do have to disagree with him here. If he is talking about a network marketing business, then he is absolutely correct. However, I believe he is talking about traditional businesses. All of the stats that I have seen say that about 50% to 60% of all traditional businesses will fail in the first 5 years. That leaves about 40% who are still going after the 5 year mark.


Most people who try to start a traditional business don’t have a job that they have to divide their time with. Those people who have a job when they start a business, like network marketers, just don’t have the time to devote to a successful business. Giving up 40 hours of your week to a job is a big hindrance to success. Traditional business owners can give their businesses 40 or more hours per week.


Most people will work a job for 40+ years, only to end up dead or broke by the age of 65.


That’s a really sad statistic! Did you know that more than 40% of men who reach age 65 are still working? That might not seem that bad, but did you know that 25% of men who are 75 are still working and over 10% of men who are 80 are still working. That could be your grandfather.


that could be your grandfather


Most traditional business owners invest tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars with NO ASSURANCE that their business will succeed.


Nothing in life is guaranteed. That’s why they call it entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are willing to take that calculated risk, knowing that there could be huge rewards waiting for them at the end of their hard work. I would think that most entrepreneurs start their businesses with a good idea and boot strap it from there.


I do admit that there are some people who have the funds to invest in a business. They might have thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars! Those are the people who are “all in.” That doesn’t mean that they will be successful.


Just as an aside, I started my traditional business with $135.00 and I was profitable in less than a month. It can be done!


Nothing in life worth accomplishing is EASY!


I can understand his feeling in this matter. I would think that most things in business are difficult to accomplish. There are those people who are naturals and things just seem to come easy to them.


Plenty of people do well in MLM, but they invest YEARS to build up their business.


can network marketers retire at age 65


I would have hear his definition of “plenty” and his definition of “well.” If you are familiar with the network marketing success statistics, you’d know that this is just patently false. Statistically speaking, almost no one does well in network marketing.


There are over 50,000,000 people who are in a network marketing business at any given time. The average percentage of people who even make money is about 3.5%. That would give you about 1,750,000 people who are doing “well.” “Well” meaning that they don’t lose money while running their businesses. Which, on the surface, sounds like a really big number, but it’s just 3.5% of network marketers. That’s a terribly low percentage. The bad news is those are “cooked” numbers. The MLM companies try to make them look as good as they can. Even with that they don’t look very good.


I would say that he misspoke. If he had said that the people who do well in network marketing have put in many years to be successful, I’d agree with that.


If a network marketer thinks that this business is a get rich quick deal, they are sadly mistaken.


He had a few other things to say, but most of those were incorporated into the preceding paragraphs. He’s a smart guy and he’s young so he has time to come around to the truth!


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