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Al Gore and Global Warming



I can’t remember a political figure who has ever been as polarizing, once they left office, as Al Gore has been.  Since he left office as Vice President of the USA he has become the face and champion of the man made global warming cause.

His movie, An Inconvenient Truth, has sparked great controversy and debate.   Is the earth really warming up and is any increase in temperature caused by the activities of humans.  Or is any rise in temperature due to the sun or other causes?

Is renewable energy and their sources, like solar power, wind power geothermal power, the wave of the future?

Should we be offsetting our carbon footprint as Al Gore has asked both people and corporations to do?

Have you heard of Renewable Energy Certificates?  They are certificates that you purchase where part of the money you pay for them goes to subsidize those renewable energy sources that are available now.

Al Gore calls them “carbon credits.”  If a company purchases enough of these certificates they can, theoretically offset the carbon that they produce while doing business.

Now we, as individuals, can purchase RECs or Renewable Energy Credits to offset our personal carbon footprint.

I’m not here to answer the questions that have been posed by Al Gore.   The debate rages and both sides are dead set in their beliefs that they are right.   I don’t think that either side can be convinced that they are wrong.

I am here to let you know that you can either purchase RECs to offset your carbon footprint here.  You can do your part to save the planet!

Al Gore is right! I want to do my part!

Or you can be part of this growing business and sell RECs as well as offset your carbon footprint.

I want to do my part and profit with RECs as well!


Al Gore is a scammer!

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