Is Ava Anderson out of business?


What’s happening to Ava Anderson?


ava anderson shuts down business


It is being reported that the company known as Ava Anderson Non Toxic is going out of business. This is not entirely true. The company has temporarily shut down operations. They have done this in order to let the founder, Ava Anderson, to back out of the business. They will also rebrand the business. The current brand of Ava Anderson LLC will be dissolved.


I did a complete review of this company and you can read it here. Ava Anderson review.


Ava Anderson is a 21 year old college student who also runs a small, but fast growing network marketing company. She founded the company at the ripe old age of 14. This is a very ambitious project for someone so young.


Her mission was to produce a line of make up and beauty products that had all natural and organic ingredients. With all of the chemicals that people, especially women, are putting on their skin, these are much needed products.


Unfortunately, the products have been found to contain ingredients that do not meet the standards of their mission. There are ingredients that are not certified, by the FDA, as organic. Their products have been tested by outside and third party sources.


In my opinion, the problem is that the company has outsourced the manufacturing of their products to an outside manufacturer. Obviously, the quality control is lacking somewhere during this process. It is unclear who is at fault here. I might be on the lookout for a lawsuit in all of this.


The rumors that had been circulating, for a while, are now confirmed.


is ava anderson out of business?


Ava Anderson and her company have been “attacked” on social media. I can see attacking the company, but not a 21 year old girl. Not personally, anyway.


The critics have been proven right. There is a problem with the company’s claims that all of their products being natural and organic. Ava Anderson has been trying to defend her company, at all costs. I think that’s where the problem lies. She is trying to defend the indefensible!


It’s a losing battle and all she has accomplished is making her customers and the critics angrier.


Once she did that, she gave those people a cause to rally around and she has been paying the price ever since.


She should’ve told the critics that she would look into the manufacturing process and that she would get to the bottom of it. Thanking them for bringing this to her attention. If there was something to the allegations, she could’ve corrected the problems and just admitted it to her customers and distributors.


All would’ve been right with the world and the crisis adverted. She could offer up some free products and move forward. People are very forgiving and they seem to like it when a company admits that they were wrong and have fixed the problems.


That’s just good business, Ava.


I can’t imagine that Ava would give up her company. My guess and it is only a guess is that she will back out of the CEO job and let someone else be seen as running the company. Maybe she is selling the company. They say that they will rebrand the company and products. I take this to mean that they will be changing the name of the company and the names of their products Hopefully, they will get the problems fixed quickly and be able continue their operations.


I would not be in the least bit surprised to see Ava Anderson running this company again, in a few years. She’ll fade into the background, the company will get their quality control issues under control and she’ll be back once she graduates college. If she is selling the business, I’d look for her to start another company somewhere along the line.


ava anderson with her mother


The family did issue a statement which can be found on the Ava Anderson site. I’ll include it here:


“We are a family who has supported our daughter, in a sincere and unselfish mission to educate everyone about this important issue, and know that we have made a difference, with the support of our Consultants and all of you. Our amazing and dedicated team has worked tirelessly for all of you. We have done everything in this business from sourcing and manufacturing products, to the way we pay and treat each and every team member in our home office and each Ava Anderson Consultant with the highest of integrity always!


We hope you will be able to understand that our daughter has been under attack, online and in person, and has been tethered to social media for years, attempting to protect the brand and the company she cares so much for, as well as for each of you. She (and our family and team) have always felt a tremendous responsibility to all of you and we have done our very best to fulfill that.


We simply cannot see any possible happiness or peace for her future or our family being treated this way. We have tolerated it for years to build this company, but have lost the ability to battle and continue to sustain the barrage daily. We know your hearts and believe you would take this same action if your child or family were being treated this way and could no longer function.


We are so sorry for this, the most difficult decision of our lives, but we can see no other way to continue.


With gratitude, The Anderson Family”


I understand that the family wants to protect their daughter. I can’t blame them for that. I probably would’ve done the same thing.


the ava anderson mission statement


There is another part of the message to their customers. I’ll add that here, as well:


“Dear Ava Anderson® Customers,


Thank you for your patience – the Ava Anderson® website and shopping cart are temporarily unavailable and will be live again soon to purchase final approved products.”


I’m not sure what they mean by “final approved products”


I will update this article as the story develops.


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  1. KennyG says:

    Ava never ran that company, IMHO – a clever marketing ploy is what that was. The suppliers gave the company what they ordered – cheaper synthetic ingredients. The Ava Anderson company simply got caught. Now they’re trying to turn themselves into perceived victims after foisting a lot of nonsense on gullible customers, charging prices many times beyond that actual value. People bought the act. Because of the “bullying” (incited) and the bad supplier (unnamed), they shut down and therefore won’t make good on products they sold (i.e., they keep the money. As PT Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

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