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I had the good fortune of stumbling across a recording of some training that Diane Hochman did. I wish I could take credit for it, but alas, I can’t. It was an extremely interesting look into who to look for when recruiting people into your business. It gives you a way to know who to work with after you recruit them, too. I modified what she said, a bit. I hope that I can do the training justice in this article!


She started out with an exercise. She asked everyone to think about their situations as they are now. Then she asked everyone to draw a square in the left hand side of a piece of notebook paper. The box was to represent their current station in life. Then on the right hand side, of the same page, they were to draw a second square. This time the square would represent their life some time in the future. It would be how they saw themselves and their lives after they fulfilled their hopes, dreams and desires.


You can write, under the left side box, how their life is now. They can write down the type of work that they are doing. The amount of money that they are making. The kinds of things that they can do with that time and money. Under the right hand box they should write down all the things that they are once they get to that side. What type of work they do. How much more money they will be making. All of the things that they will get to do with the money and time that they have on the other side.


I would think that most of the people, who are in network marketing would have drawn a small box on the left side and a relatively large box on the right hand side.


personal development


When you are looking to recruit someone, you’ll want to look for people who would draw a right side box that is much bigger then the one on the left side. Those are the dreamers. Those are the people who see themselves growing into someone else.
While prospecting, you should ask the types of questions that would help you to find out what size box people would draw on the right hand side of the paper. If they would have a larger box on the right side, then you know those are the people that you would like to work with. If they would draw a box that is smaller or about the same size as the left hand side, then they aren’t really the type of person that you want to spend a lot of time with.


You could just ask them to do the exercise. Have them draw their boxes and tell them that you are just seeing if they qualify to hear your business presentation! Everyone will want to qualify, but not everyone will.


Diane’s exercise continued


Next they were to draw an arrow that went from the box on the left hand side, the square of how they see themselves today and go over to the box on the right hand side, their future selves. Under the line, they were asked to put the number of years that they thought they would need to accomplish everything in the right hand box. Hopefully, this gives your prospects a realistic idea of how much time they will need to get the other box.


Again, when recruiting people, you want the ones that are realistic in their estimate of how long it will take them to achieve these things.


People are competitive


people are so competitive


The people who draw boxes that are almost the same size are the ones who will get mad at you for trying to better your situation. They are the ones who will try to tear you down and steal your dreams. They are the ones who will fight you tooth and nail over this. They will be the ones who say that it is a scam and that no one makes any money in network marketing.


Those are the people to avoid!


That’s where her training ended, but I have another insight into this.


For those who drew a smaller box on the left side and a much larger box on the right side. Think of it as you are the box on the left. You may try to think outside the box, but you are always the box. The object is to make your box, yourself, bigger, because the box on the right hand side is the same box, it is still you. It’s just a bigger, better version of you in the future. You’ll need to stretch the box and grow the box to accomplish what you want!


This would explain why so many of the gurus tell us to do so much personal development.


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